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LIFE photo archive from Google

By Oz_Media ·
Google has struck a deal with LIFE magazine to dig into their archives and upload their entire photo archive for pubilc use (of course with standard restrictions about using images to earn an income).

It is said that Google wants to eventually scan and offer as many as 10 million images, many never seen in print before.

It looks like a great project, just the few images I viewed of various famous people and past wars are absolutely stunning. These world class photos sure to beat ClipArt!

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NatGeo Pic of the Day

by CharlieSpencer In reply to LIFE photo archive from G ...

My first stop every morning, even before TR. Three resolutions.

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Cool thanks

by Oz_Media In reply to NatGeo Pic of the Day

I actually used to check those out every now and then, but its been so long now I had forgotten about it.

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Very nice archive

by Michael Jay In reply to LIFE photo archive from G ...

Thanks for that Oz.

A couple I like each morning
Astronomy Picture of the Day
and Earth Science Picture of the Day

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Wow, everybody had really cool sites!!

by DadsPad In reply to LIFE photo archive from G ...

I was a fan of the Life pictures. Thanks for the information and link. I like the others mentioned here too.

Is anyone putting up the older Collier magazine pictures? I seem to remember they had good pictures too.

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Cool, Thanks Oz

by Tink! In reply to LIFE photo archive from G ...

It should come in handy with the kids' homework assignments. :)

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Great I hope so

by Oz_Media In reply to Cool, Thanks Oz

Nothing more rewarding than helping kids grow and learn.

At Christmas last year I bought copies of Encarta 2009 for a few younger nieces and nephews. They thanked me, but I could see the 'great homework just what I wanted' look in their eyes. When I was visiting a few months back for a B-Day, they spent hours showing me information they found in it that was simply amazing to them.

One of the most rewarding times I have ever had in my life, was working with Scouts Canada and Beavers (younger Boy Scouts)I get off big time on helping kids grow and learn about the world around them.

Showing a kid, who has never been away from home, how to use a compass, knife and axe properly, understand and identify nature, and grow to be a better and more confident person all around is the most rewarding thing one could ever imagine.

Okay, I know its just a link to some images but you got me started, sorry.

Sigh, I think I'll go nuke a gay whale for Jesus.

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Oh Oz!

by Tig2 In reply to Great I hope so

Leave the gay whales alone. They are God's creatures too,
after all.

There really is something special about working with kids. I
never had kids of my own so I took out all my maternal
urges on everyone else's kids. I was an assistant to the Girl
Scout troops for years and have been known to help out with
Youth Sunday School.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Oh Oz!

So, we've established that we both like Gay whales and children; guess I gotta be careful where I say that though.

Have a great night, chat with you tomorrow.

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Very cool.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to LIFE photo archive from G ...

Thanks for that. Some great memories there for me.

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