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by trekon86 In reply to LifeNotes

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<span style="font-family: lucida grande;font-size:85%;">Jon: "Jeremy, your boot's on fire."<br />Jeremy: "Oh. Damn."</span>
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<br /> Yesterday morning, as I was working at the Post Office, I received a call from Allied in regards to my summer job that I so rashly tossed out a good work opportunity for in favor of better pay. I had only worked at Lutron for a week and a half when they decided to dump me and several other employees for what the Allied coordinator described as "quality control issues on their end." Yeah, RIGHT. What she meant is that she had found me a job working for a company who went on a hiring spree, then refused to take the time to properly train the new employees. As a result, I and several others who couldn't keep up on the "Autoline" have been promptly binned for our honest ill-equippedness. So I basically refused a job through HTSS two weeks ago, then took LUTRON's offer of good pay, only to be canned after less than a full week. THANKS, people. REAL friendly of you. (What really demonstrates their negligence and anality is that if they would have put me somewhere else in the building where there wasn't a "Line" that moved every six seconds, I would have been fine).<br /> Today I went out all over looking for a new job. The Coordinator-woman told me that new positions come in every week, so not to worry (but I'm not about to trust Allied to find a worthwhile job without looking myself ever again). First I went to the horse-supply specialist warehouse off of 248. I walked in, asked if they were taking applications for summer help, he said "No", so I walked out after thanking him (what for, I couldn't really say), and drove to Whitehall to the Bon-Ton warehouse. I had filled out an application there last summer to no avail, but I figured I might as well try. The good news is, the desk-guy told me that they would be hiring warehouse help in July, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed (and my heart in prayer).<br />TTFN.<br />PMZ</div><p><div class="blogdisclaim"><a href="">This post originally appeared on an external website</a></div>

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