Limit websurfing to small list of approved sites

By jdunn ·
Would like to setup a PC in our lunchroom that has limited acces to just a few approved websites (maybe 3 or 4) for surfing only. What is the best way to accomplish this. The PC has a static IP address assigned.

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plz provide more info...

by ssfpridav In reply to Limit websurfing to small ...

Depends on what equipment you are using. What other equipment do you have in the network? What are you using as a firewall?

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No DHCP server

by jdunn In reply to plz provide more info...

There are under a dozen PC's, no DHCP on any. All are static IP's. Small sonicwall provided by ISP for firewall. So, think of it pretty much as a small home network where you want to restrict websites visited to only just a few.

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Use a fake proxy server.

by theron In reply to No DHCP server

I've done this by going into either start, run and then using gpedit.msc for local policy, or if you are on a domain you can make a group policy object much the same way.
You go into:
User configuration, Windows settings, IE maintenance, proxy settings.
Click enable proxy and modify it to port 80. Then you make a comma deliminated list of exceptions in the right hand box for whatever sites you want to allow. Say, * or * for instance.
Any other site visited will return an http 404 error.

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No domain server either

by jdunn In reply to Use a fake proxy server.

Have a small file server utilizing Novell clients, so no domain server either. Again, looking for a solution much like you might do at home on a small network of PC's.

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re: no domain

by theron In reply to No domain server either

You could use the Gpedit.msc as I described then. If it's less than say 10 boxes it would take maybe a half hour do all of them. More than that and you'd want something commercial.

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set it up thru sonicwall

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Limit websurfing to small ...

on the sonicwall we have, under the filters are several sites that are prohibited. you could also set up keyword blocks as well as lists of only certain sites that are allowed. of course, if you do this, then everyone will be restricted to those sites. i believe there's a way to create certain filters for certain MAC addresses, but i've never looked into it. plus, features are different from router to router.

otherwise, you could just go to tools, internet options, security and setup only allowed sites. then hide the file toolbar. of course, that's pretty easy to get around.

the other thing is to buy software such as surf control. this WILL prohibit certain computers to certain sites or allow only certain sites for specific computers. don't know how much it costs.

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by animatech In reply to Limit websurfing to small ...

You have already got your answer from theron as to what you need to do.
You have only one box that you want to limit.
Go to start > run type gpedit.mmc and configure the local GP to allow those sites then grey the buttons so users wont be able to change your settings and you good to go.

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Questions about the gpedit solution

by damon.inks In reply to GPedit

Hello all,
I am new to this AD arena so please bare with me. Can this be done via the Active Directory server for individual users? If so how can it be done?

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by james118 In reply to Limit websurfing to small ...

Web Wheels is a browser interface designed for pre-school and elementary school aged children. It provides a simple and unsophisticated interface that allows easy access to a list of sites that have been added by the parent, and there are no other sites accessible from within the interface. Your kid can access the sites via links on the browser home page (if he/she can read) and you can also assign an image (not provided) to a link for easier reference. The only browser control provided are Forward, Backward and Home and Print (printing can be restricted to a number of pages a day). Overall, Web Wheels is based on a good concept but shows obvious shortcomings in technical and aesthetic aspects.

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