linking up 2 wireless routers (linksys to netgear)

By patelcr1 ·
so here is the scenario. I have a linksys wireless g router which is connected to the internet in the basement. i want to link that router + the internet access upstairs to my room with a netgear router (wirless). i am trying to get xbox live working in my room. i just brought a netgear router and dont kno how to link it up with linksys wirelessly. any help will be appreciated. thanks

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by patelcr1 In reply to linking up 2 wireless rou ...
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RE: linking up 2 wireless routers

by InfraGuru In reply to linking up 2 wireless rou ...


You will need to see if your netgear box will act as a wireless host to the linksys access point...more than likely they both only act as access points for hosts. If that is the case then you will need to run a cable from linksys to the netgear (switchport to switchport) and make sure that that you turn off DHCP on the netgear basically making it the slave to the linksys. I understand that running a cable would defeat your initial plan, but perhaps another way would be make your xbox a wireless host to the linksys downstairs by adding a wireless adapter ( that should work.

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Wireless bridging.

by Joe-F In reply to linking up 2 wireless rou ...

What you want to do is called wireless bridging. Some Netgear models do support bridging (Netgear also refers to it as WDS, Wireless Distribution System).
A Linksys router can also support bridging through 3rd party firmware. Loading 3rd party firmware can greatly expand your router's capability but you will tread on un-warrantied ground and risk "bricking" (to render as functional as a brick) your router if something goes wrong. A run of Cat 5 or a pair of power line network adapters are other possibilities.

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Me Too

by colin In reply to linking up 2 wireless rou ...

Hi I am from England, if you could help also.. I have a BT Wireless Router in the Office but my son wqants to use a spare Netgear Wireless Router upstairs so he can play his Xbox up there.. Is this possible.. If so can you show me how would be really appreciated
Im not a techy bod so please be kind with lingo :)

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