Linksys Help Needed!

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Quick question. I am a noob to IT, but I'm getting along quite well. I'm in the middle of a conundrum right now, though. We recently had problems with our WAP while I was on vacation, and our newest "IT Guy" came out to look at things.(He works mainly at our other location) While he was here he decided he didn't like and/or understand how/why we had things set up here, and went around disabling/changing/deleting things. Well, now we have no wireless access! We have a SonicWall Firewall, that was in conjunction with a SonicPoint WAP. Now we have a Linksys WRT54G in place of the SonicPoint. It worked for about a week and went down. I talked to our IT consultant, told him everything that had happened, and he said the problem is that the Linksys wont pass DHCP through from our server (we had two subnets set up, one for wired and one for wireless. The wireless subnet was deleted by Captain Brainpower). I told our guy what the consultant said, and he replied "He's an idiot I've set up thousands of networks like that and never had a problem". So, my question is: Will the Linksys pass DHCP through, or not? In either case, what should I be looking for to get the wireless back up?! Thanks a million!!!

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optional workaround?

by ugadata In reply to Linksys Help Needed!

I would agree with the consultant that the WRT54G will not pass DHCP, probably because it is at least capable of being it's own DHCP server. Weather it is or isn't you would need to determine by getting into the setup/configuration pages of the WRT54G.

So you could use the Linksys DHCP to give out IP addresses a slightly different subnet (making sure that the Sonicwall Firewall will allow that subnet to pass)

OR ... make sure that the Linksys DHCP server is turned off and statically assign IP addresses to the wireless clients (not fun, not the best option, much more work)

OK ... I have been presuming that you have access to the Linksys configuration. You could see if there is an option to use the WRT54G as a router instead of a gateway. This would probably allow the unit to pass DHCP traffic however, it may open another can of worms to be configured.

Good Luck

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