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    Linux on the Desktop


    by nestor albuquerque ·

    What about Linux on the desktop PCs?
    Are you fellowes using it, planning to or have not decided to do it at all? What considerations have you made to decide it?
    We have been thinking about it since the begining of the year, given the large amountof resources needed to buy, maintain and support Windows versions, service packs, bug fixes, security breaches and all.
    Beside that, almost the same amount of problems arise when talking about Office. It’s not only an expensive package, but also too complex for the average users. That means that we are buying ‘more than we can chew’ … Are you?
    Let’s share everybody’s thoughts about it?

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      linux on desktop

      by khariskh2 ·

      In reply to Linux on the Desktop

      linux + Staroffice will satisfy most of your needs. Just start a pilot program and build on…

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