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By intj-astral ·
This thread is for exactly what the title says. At the end of June 2006 I lost my files to a virus whose name i can't even remember now. Norton Antivirus remove the damned thing but the damage was done. If I didn't have a recent copy of my email profile backed up, I would have lost everything. I reinstalled (groan!), saved out my emails, my address book, and imported the book to Thunderbird in Linux. Man, am I thankful for Mozilla software! I went from Suse 10.0 bundled with?Suse Linux 10 Unleashed? from Sams Publishing to Suse 10.1 retail solution, 64-bit version. I have experimented on and off with Linux for about 10 years, and I am ready to stick with it. I have for a month already. Let's hear from you.

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Only because JD hasn't seen it yet

by Tig2 In reply to Boy, talk about disappoin ...

As far as I know, JD has his corp environment at least partially running Linux. I know that he has a user on Open Office.

I'm looking forward to seeing those success stories myself. I strongly believe that Linux is the direction to look in. Now that I can get a distro that will live on a bootable CD, I have a way to migrate and still maintain a Window environment for clients.

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Me to but I'm lazy

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Only because JD hasn't se ...

Actually out of the 35 computers that I have here only 2 have XP on them and one of those is being used as a DVD player the MS Remote works so well with it. :^0

The rest have various older flavours of Windows on them when I need one of those older OS's and the rest the majority run various forms of Nix and BSD. Though I'll admit to being no where as nasty as one Nix guy that I know of who has Ported IE6 to his NB and everyone thinks that he has a groovy Desktop running XP Pro.

The Desktop is a map of the night sky exactly what you would see from where you are on the earth and is kept up to date in Real Time. I know a couple of Windows users who would love a working copy of that Desktop. :^0

My problem is that I have to continually use Windows as I forget all the bits that you need to remember when you are working with a decent OS. Anyway it now looks like I'll be having an extended stay in Hospital come November after Vista and Office 2007 is released I need to recover from a bad case of Information Overload so you lot will have worked out all the problems with Vista before I escape. Of course sneaking in a Debian NB will cause the Cure to take much longer.

Just provided that I have my Debian NB with WiFI Broadband I'm happy and with no customers ringing me up wanting answers to their Windows Questions I'll enjoy the rest. I got sick and tired of trying to remember the Windows way of doing things. I knew that I had a problem when I told one of the less Computer Literate to Log in as Root. After a long silence he asked what Root was.

Col ]:)

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by Kiltie In reply to Only because JD hasn't se ...

Don't let him anywhere near this thread (we want to keep it clean, don't we?)

** grin **


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Excuse me, but did someone

by jdclyde In reply to OMG JD?

just THINK about porn?

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Apparently some people were busy?

by jdclyde In reply to Boy, talk about disappoin ...

Not sure if you saw my post about wifi in Europe or not, but thursday I had dropped in my lap to ready a few laptops because top dogs were doing a Europe business trip and needed to know about internet access so they could get their email and to get their laptops in order. (3pm thursday)

By 4pm I discoverd the laptops keyboard was toast. He went back to interigate his kids who had been using the laptop for the last three months. (Son of President and one of the key owners, so not much I can say, huh?) The next morning he looks at me and says "soup". soup? His boy admitted to spilling soup on the system. we did find him a loaner system and got them ready for their trip.

Didn't leave a whole lot of time for much else, ya know? B-)

Was going to go hunting, but got the days mixed up and it doesn't open until tomorrow for bow season. Got up at 5am for nothing. drat!

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You mean this guy is...

by dawgit In reply to Apparently some people we ...

...loose over here now? Thanks JD. so, anyway did you get your Qs answered as to what to expect over here? (....hope'n so ? ) -d

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questions answered "good enough"

by jdclyde In reply to You mean this guy is...

Got a few responses, and then GG sent me some links for the UK.

They know (it is a GROUP that I unleashed on you) that they should have contacted me sooner for more details.

So "ask at the hotel" is the best answer, because they were told that it did have WiFi.

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Man I can relate to that one JD

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Apparently some people we ...

I had a customer here come in complaining that his little used NB wasn't working right apparently no matter which key was pressed you got Upper Case L.

Easy I was silly enough to think initially as the system had been severely infected I thought that Windows was now toast and proceeded to wipe the drive and reload. Problem number one came about when I attempted to type in the Product Key apparently Upper Case L's all 25 of them where not the correct Product Key.

So out of desperation by this stage I removed the Keyboard plugged in a PS2 one and hoped for the best. It was at least consistent and continued to produce a series of Upper Case L's at every key stroke until it reached a Critical Mass and then just keep repeating an Upper Case L all the time. Made things interesting in a Word Processor 25 pages of Upper Case L and going.

Next step which I should have taken first was to load up a Live Linux and try again this confirmed that the problem was actually in the M'Boards Keyboard Interpreter so I put the entire thing back together and handed it back to the guy after wasting hours on the entire thing. Luckily it wasn't used much so the Image fitted on a CD and I Ghosted it back to the computer so it appeared to work until you touched the keyboard.

Remember to Always Test with a Live Linux before even believing that Windows is Toast. It doesn't matter if the unit is only 18 months old and has no AV protection always test the hardware before even believing that the software is the problem.


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I don't feel so bad now

by jdclyde In reply to Man I can relate to that ...

I was only an hour in before I needed to type in anything.

from there, it was five minutes until I realized it wasn't just me going nuts by testing every key in the word processor. I believe it was lower case "d" for me. Only 1/4 of the keys would do that. The rest didn't do anything.

Made sense on why I couldn't get the external mouse to work when I first got it, and so suffered with the stupid "eraser" mouse for an hour.

"soup". ~sigh~ At least he didn't have any data on it and it was just a PII 400. Hmmmm, if I have soup at work some day, this may be a good way to get rid of a few old laptops! B-)

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I have a better idea.

by apotheon In reply to I don't feel so bad now

If you need to get rid of old laptops, send them to me.

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