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By intj-astral ·
This thread is for exactly what the title says. At the end of June 2006 I lost my files to a virus whose name i can't even remember now. Norton Antivirus remove the damned thing but the damage was done. If I didn't have a recent copy of my email profile backed up, I would have lost everything. I reinstalled (groan!), saved out my emails, my address book, and imported the book to Thunderbird in Linux. Man, am I thankful for Mozilla software! I went from Suse 10.0 bundled with?Suse Linux 10 Unleashed? from Sams Publishing to Suse 10.1 retail solution, 64-bit version. I have experimented on and off with Linux for about 10 years, and I am ready to stick with it. I have for a month already. Let's hear from you.

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Better late than never

by jdclyde In reply to Linux Success Stories

Got a few to relate, so will be brief.

First, the legacy software was all written in-house, using cobol and running on a SCO Unix server. I got hired in to do the Y2K rewrite. I loaded RedHat on another server, and copied the system over giving me a clone of the original system. That way I could make the changes and run tests using real data. As fixes were written, they would get tested and them made live on the SCO box. 700+ programs, accessing 800+ data files, it was a huge project that took over a year. Could not have been done without linux.

We then just started to look at getting email, so we went with Domino. Would have put it on SCO (I am MACE) but they could not certify that Domino would run on it. IBM told us that getting a Netfinity server running RedHat was certified. We were the first in the state to run Domino on Linux. The only time we EVER had a problem was when a young pup in the department made a symbolic link to itself, making a loop that took the server down for three days. (I was not the admin of that box, and my wifes aunt has JUST died, so I left it in their hands and left) On the third day I looked into it and found it in 30 minutes. The hows are available upon request.

The current project is to migrate to linux desktops. SuSe is the contender as it is geared towards corporate. They have developed a migration plan to get people off windows and onto their platform. Reading it, I jumped on one thing that made a lot of sense. It isn't the OS that is the problem, it is the APPLICATIONS.

The user doesn't even know what OS they are running, they just know the applications. Now that Dominos has a Notes client that will install directly on linux without dealing with WINE or other windows emulators, that is a big hurdle down.

Stage one is to get the users using OpenOffice as the office package. When we get that changed over, the jump to a linux box is actually simple as the user won't even be told they are running linux. (why scare people with something they don't understand?)

We currently have a few ZERO skill level users as test subjects. We just told them they were getting the latest version of "Office".

Two months and they are going great.

Vista is NOT in our future. The hardware requirements are assinine and only a moron would drop that much for mega systems just to run a word processor and email. (if you are doing this, I apologize for you being a moron )

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So true about the application

by intj-astral In reply to Better late than never

The desktop works, it's easy to use, and yes,
you can be productive using it. I use Suse,
by the way, at home, but Windows at work. No choice there (sigh).
In real-world application, I'm almost done with a semester writing in Star Office 7 with zero problems. Microsoft advertising is powerless against the success and peace of mind I have found with Linux.

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