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linux will never compete with windows in the home market

By bobgroz ·
linux is a business OS period. It is unix based and requires a lot of knowledge. The average person cannot handle it's quirk's.

Something is always wrong. Especially if you have current hardware. I doubt very much Ubuntu or any linux distro will support the ATI 5870 or 5890. You won't even get a screen. The display code will **** up, and personally I don't have the hours to spend trying to get current hardware working with linux.

Windows 7, while being more expensive, is LIGHTYEARS ahead of any linux distro for the HOME user.

Keep linux where it belongs, in the business segment. It will never achieve home desktop success. never.

sorry folks, that's just the way it is.

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And who wrote OS/2?

by DHCDBD In reply to Z/os runs a fully posix c ...

Microsoft until version 2.1.

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by DHCDBD In reply to and there are thousands o ...

Fast facts about z/OS UNIX

* It is a certified UNIX system and an integral element of z/OS.
* WebSphere? Application Server, CICS?, IMS TM , Java TM Runtime, Tuxedo, DB2?, WebSphere MQ, SAP R/3, Lotus Domino, and Oracle Web Server all use z/OS UNIX.
* z/OS UNIX applications can communicate with DB2?, CICS, IMS, and WebSphere MQ.
* z/OS UNIX is built for the enterprise where you can prioritize workloads for high performance when running with a mixed workload.
* There is a broad range of ISV applications ported to z/OS UNIX.
* z/OS UNIX has a hierarchical file system familiar to UNIX users.
* Applications can work with data in both the z/OS UNIX file systems and traditional MVS TM data sets. MVS programs can access UNIX files, and UNIX programs can access MVS data sets.
* The SMB File and Print Server enables a distributed file sharing infrastructure for z/OS UNIX files and Windows? workstations.
* Users can choose which interface they want to use: the standard shell, 3270, or the ISPF interfaces.

Linux is a variant of Unix, can you say.

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Sorry deadly, your argument doesn't hold water

by bobgroz In reply to Microsoft Windows 7 is th ...

it's not marketing that keeps windows on the home user desktop, its the fact that windows works out of the box with all the hardware (especially the current hardware) and linux does NOT - especially if you are a home user that doesn't know what fstab or initab or runlevels, etc. etc. are.

Wake up. Linux is just too complex for people who just want to use their computers and not debug them.

You guys get off on debugging. I did too, before a doctor made a serious error and permanently damaged my brain by giving me the wrong medications together. I've been fighting with suicide for years.

I used to work on an operating system that makes linux look like a toy. MVS, which when I was destroyed was called OS/390 and now called Z/OS. The most advanced business OS in the world. You guys who think you are so hot on tech couldn't even begin to understand that OS.

Tell me what is DASD? What is a partitioned dataset? What is RACF? What is JES2? What is HCD? How about Open Edition? What about full posix compliant unix that runs as a task under Z/os? Can you set that up? Can you do an IOGEN? What about IPCS and dump reading? Can you guys read a dump? Do you know what a PSW is? What is SMP?
Tell me, what is CICS? What is VSAM? Can you tell me? How about a sysplex - what is that? Can you tell me what TSO is? How about ROSCOE?

Well, I could go on and on, but Z/OS (with it's MVS core) runs western civilization, guys. Every large bank, financial institution, disney world, the military uses Z/OS for their business, Linux is a joke even for large business. I worked on an operating system that had at any time 40,000 to 70,000 users on at a time. We had well over 800 printers printing concurrently. I'd love to see linux do that.

Can you guys run Z/os on the free open source software called Hercules? I can. I know all about tech. I was working in it before you were even a thought in your father's mind.

I miss it so bad. I've been disabled for 8 years, but I know what operating system belongs where. You are totally deceived if you think Linux belongs in the home - for home users. Wake up and smell the coffee. Linux is for small to medium range businesses -period. You know, things like fast food chains, maybe some healthcare use, maybe a Midas Muffler store - things like that.

Linux could never have supported the large fortune 500 company I worked at. Never.

Learn where Linux belongs. Not in the home. Not in fortune 500 companies (for their REAL computing needs), in small to medium businesses - with linux system programers on staff....

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Windows does NOT work out of the box with any system in

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Sorry deadly, your argume ...

the world. It may appear that way in some marketing situations because the companies who bulk build retail computers, like Dell and HP, go to a lot of effort to design their systems to work with Windows and then make a specialised version of Windows to run on that specific model of their machine. They put a lot of work into making it work.

Windows has the retail market due to the fact Dell and HP get huge discounts from Microsoft for Windows by putting them on everything, and they only pass a portion of that discount on to the retail buyer - thus upping their profits along the way. They can't do that with Linux, so they don't like it and don't make buying their systems with Linux easy - **** some don't make Linux versions available at all.

Want to see how Linux and Windows REALLY compare - go buy two systems form a local Mom and Pop computer store , store systems where they put them together from generic industry components - and don't specify ones that a deliberately made for Windows only, like some Radeon cards. Then set them up and start to install SimplyMepis Linux 8.0 on one and Windows 7 on the other. See how soon you have them both fully set up with the right drivers and ready for general use. I can tell you now, it won't be Windows, as you'll have to download some drivers and reboot the system a number of times before you're finished. I know this, as I had to do it for a client with regards to SimplyMepis 6 and Win XP a few years back.

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In my experience

by j-mart In reply to Windows does NOT work out ...

When you take a bunch of components that you have, and build them into a box, Installing Linux,and getting a system up and running, connected to the net and with a decent screen resolution, is always faster than a Windows setup to the same stage.

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Agreed, but to be more specific

by Slayer_ In reply to In my experience

If you took, for arguement, Windows 98, and installed it on a machine made with hardware from 1997, Linux distros, from then to now still could not manage that.

Win7 got an edge on linux again, but the edge is already lost as Win7 drivers are old now while linux drivers are always updated. New hardware has a better chance of working with linux than it does with windows.

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Yeah but try to

by bobgroz In reply to In my experience

1) Use any hardware you want

2) Install a program successfully without the help of google to fix all the dependencies The GUI install managers in Linux STINK. I've tried em all, and your lucky if even half the stuff goes on without needing lots of work and manipulation to get your software working

3) Run the LATEST games in all their directx 10/11 glory.

4) Watch and record TV without painful setups.

5) Even begin to match the sheer amount of software available for windows.

6) Turn it on and it just works. This is what people want. They don't want to have to learn the internals of and operating system, they just want their computer to WORK and use it without needing to debug every damned thing.

Sorry, anyone who thinks Linux belongs in the home is close minded and blinded probably by sheer hate for Microsoft. Those are NOT reasons to make a choice on what you should use at home.

I'd be willing to bet most of the linux users who say they use it for home, have a microsoft virtual machine somewhere on their hard drive.

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And try doing the same thing in Windows for the same issues

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Yeah but try to

1. Windows doesn't run all hardware either - so null claim; **** not all versions of Windows will run all Windows compliant hardware either.

2. You get the exact same compliances issues with Windows, they just aren't as open at acknowledging they exist, and they aren't as ready to share them around.

3. Well duh, you want to use a game using a proprietary Microsoft software, try running a game in Windows built around Open GL and watch what happens. However, WINE, Cedega, and CrossOver do manage to handle a this issue of duplicating DirectX well.

4. There are Linux applications for you to watch and record TV quite easily. I prefer to watch TV on the television as I can't afford a 36 inch computer monitor.

5. There are huge amounts of software available for Linux and Unix, even some that have no Windows equivalents. But the majority of Windows software available is specialised business stuff, which kind of defeats your case for the home market; or are games that are designed for Windows and can run in Cedega or WINE or CrossOver.

6. Turn it on and it just works only applies to pre-built systems, of which you can buy in Linux as well. If you want to load your own Windows on a blank system, you have to learn some of the Internals, more so than what you need for a modern Linux distro.

About the comment of a Windows virtual machine, yes, you can have that if you want as most Linux distributions include WINE for those who want it to play their Windows specific games.

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the bad old days

by lucien86 In reply to And try doing the same th ...

To be able to install Windows you have to be able to put the disk in the drive, its usually little more complicated than that.

[rest of post moved below]

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That's rich

by NickNielsen In reply to Yeah but try to

Sorry, anyone who thinks Linux belongs in the home is close minded and blinded probably by sheer hate for Microsoft. Those are NOT reasons to make a choice on what you should use at home.

And yet you are open-minded and not blinded by hate for Linux? If so, I can't get a single one of your posts to read that way. It my not be your intent, but all I see in any of your posts is fanboy "Windows is better because it runs games" crap.

I run Ubuntu 9.04 and SimplyMepis 8.0.06 on my PCs at home. They installed with no problem and they just work. And no Windows VM on those PCs.

I do have a Windows PC for my son, and he uses it to play on-line games. What you need to explain to me, since Windows is so perfect for home users, is why on-line games that work perfectly in standard user accounts under Linux require admin access if they are to work under Windows. In fact, the vast majority of Windows games require admin access to run; game programmers seem to be totally incapable of writing their games to run without admin access. What's up with that?

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