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linux will never compete with windows in the home market

By bobgroz ·
linux is a business OS period. It is unix based and requires a lot of knowledge. The average person cannot handle it's quirk's.

Something is always wrong. Especially if you have current hardware. I doubt very much Ubuntu or any linux distro will support the ATI 5870 or 5890. You won't even get a screen. The display code will **** up, and personally I don't have the hours to spend trying to get current hardware working with linux.

Windows 7, while being more expensive, is LIGHTYEARS ahead of any linux distro for the HOME user.

Keep linux where it belongs, in the business segment. It will never achieve home desktop success. never.

sorry folks, that's just the way it is.

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'Digital Equipment Corporation'

by CharlieSpencer In reply to DEC? {nt}

A big industry player in the 70s and 80s. They invented using hard drive space for virtual memory with their VMS operating system, and were huge in a sector of the industry then termed 'mini-computers' (as we called small mainframes in those pre-PC days). They were already on the wane when Compaq bought them in the mid-90s. Compaq pretty much abandoned what was left of their product line, and the merger with HP was the final ****.

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by jck In reply to 'Digital Equipment Corpor ...

But, HP still uses their tech under their own brand.

And, I know for a fact one of the major utility companies down here runs a TON of DEC AlphaServers which they kept under maintenance.

And those were some fast boxes...and the price showed it. :^0

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Gods, the maintenance costs must eat them alive.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to yeah

I wonder if they're under a third-party maintenance agreement, or if they have some barnacle-encrusted old DEC technician on staff.

Where do they get parts? eBay and craigslist are not my preferred sources for mission-critical components!

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by jck In reply to Gods, the maintenance cos ...

I'm not sure who did their maintenance. I just remember once an array drive failed, and by the end of the business day a tech was there with the replacement.

And yeah, I think they paid for maintenance through the nose, but the costs of replacing dozens of those servers was astronomical too.

Oh btw, I might be getting back in the utility industry...if this company will hire me. * fingers crossed *

Not in NC like I'd hoped, though. Oh well. C'est la vie...

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Me too, my last job was fortran under

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to yeah

VMS to help move the MIS functionality on to LAMP servers. They could still and were sourcing reconditioned alphas and the guys there could identify the chips at a 100 paces.

Thete were waiting for a vms and fortran 'port to Itanium, for hardware replacement. Talking something like 75 machines, masses of inhouse interfacing to manufacturing plant, and near thirty years of software. Hardware replacement is effectively irrelevant in that sort of investment.

I love working with VMS, it's still my favourite OS.

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by jck In reply to Me too, my last job was f ...

the VMS systems admin there was a cool guy. I would hang out at his condo by the beach and we'd drink beer and play guitar.

And yeah, they had gotten some Fortran environment from MS about the time I was leaving there. From what I understood, they were moving to a new telemetry system that was Windows-based (big mistake lol) and they were going to port some Fortran code over to the MS servers from the proprietary telemetry system they had.

VMS did look cool tho. I never got to learn it. Unfortunately.

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My .02 cents...

by ---TK--- In reply to linux will never compete ...

Now I might not be considered a "home" user, considering I work in the IT field... But I do use computers at home :).

Out of the 5 PC's I use on a daily/weekly basis, 4 are xp, 1 Win7, and 3 Ubuntu.

My File server/ print server is XP pro, with a Ubuntu 9.04 Virutal machine, that hosts my ssh/webmin/and translucent proxy.

MediaCenter box is all Ubuntu 9.04 with XBMC media center, which has samba shares that pull from the file server. This box streams media files at 720p resolution, it would stream 1080i but my TV does not display in that resolution.

My gaming rig is Win 7... Why? because games are not built for Linux, if they were, I would switch over. For a while I made a complete switch over, and got a few games to work with WINE, but the time it took... it just wasn't worth it (to me).

As far as your arguments go, I would say they are half a$$ed... Not to be mean, but when you built your box you did not plan ahaid... You did not research anything, or you would have known that ATI is not the best choice when running a Linux box.

Win 7, is a real nice platform, it is easy to use, stable, and expensive (I do like it). Is it Lightyears ahead? Not a chance in ****. Everything (minus most games) on my windows 7 box I can do in Linux with half the hardware. My Media Center is an atom 330 CPU, 2 gigs of ddr2 ram, and an Nvidia 9300 mobile gpu...

Linux would be great in the home, if people planned ahaid, researched what they were buying, and planned on what OS they wanted to throw on it.

I researched all my hardware before I purchased it, I knew what I could/wanted to run on it before I purchased it... In turn everything went smooth.

To cover a few points, I am not a Linux "fan boy" or a MS "fan boy". I always say use what ever work, end of story. If you like Mac, use a Mac, if you like MS, then use it...

Why would you try to run an OS that obviously would not play nice with the hardware? Now you are bashing a product, based on two things... You didn't plan ahaid and you didn't research it.

Now what I would like you to do is install Windows 98 on your machine and let me know how the install went. If I apply most of your counters, Windows 98 doesn't belong in the home market either.

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"Out of the 5 PC's I use on a daily/weekly basis......"

by Slayer_ In reply to My .02 cents...

"Out of the 5 PC's I use on a daily/weekly basis, 4 are xp, 1 Win7, and 3 Ubuntu."


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by ---TK--- In reply to "Out of the 5 PC's I use ...

I was waiting on someone to say that, I left out some information... the post would have been far to long...

1. File server XP w/ ubuntu VM & XP VM (opensource torrents)/test machine
2. Gaming rig - Win 7
3. Media center - Ubuntu
4. Laptop 1 - XP / ubuntu dual boot
5. Laptop 2 - XP

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