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linux will never compete with windows in the home market

By bobgroz ·
linux is a business OS period. It is unix based and requires a lot of knowledge. The average person cannot handle it's quirk's.

Something is always wrong. Especially if you have current hardware. I doubt very much Ubuntu or any linux distro will support the ATI 5870 or 5890. You won't even get a screen. The display code will **** up, and personally I don't have the hours to spend trying to get current hardware working with linux.

Windows 7, while being more expensive, is LIGHTYEARS ahead of any linux distro for the HOME user.

Keep linux where it belongs, in the business segment. It will never achieve home desktop success. never.

sorry folks, that's just the way it is.

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Must be one of those early P2 chips.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to "Out of the 5 PC's I use ...

The ones with the math coprocessor problems.

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Well this entire thread has more myths than a Greek Novel

by shodges119 In reply to linux will never compete ...

I admin around 150-200 Linux Desktops in separate locations. Red Hat and Ubuntu primarily, 40-50 Linux Servers, 10 Solaris Servers, 4500+ Windows Machines and 600+ Windows Servers. We have a staff of approximately 100 people in IT. And you know what... If configured correctly most of these posts are crap. I have a huge group of my customers running Linux at home for the security benefits it brings. I also run Windows and Linux at home. Yes some games do not run on Linux... Hey heres another secret there are a ton of games I have that won't run on Windows (And they are Free). Software Company's want to make money... Period, end of discussion. So they write Games to the work on the most computers possible. That ofcourse is Microsoft Windows. You want to know another dirty secret... Virus writers DO THE SAME THING. They write their code to affect the most computers possible. Also in this instance that is Microsoft Windows. Right now I am throughly impressed with Windows 7... Few minor issues but in comparison to anything else Microsoft has released it is great. XP got there but lets not lie it took a few Service Packs to get it right. Ubuntu/Redhat have done an amazing job at getting their operating system to work out of the box and the reference to the Graphics Card is 1 card out of 100,000. Your getting your cards from places that sell the software mentioned above. Why would anyone make a card for Linux? They make it for the biggest profit. Regardless in an effort to not type a book... Go buy a Video Card at Best buy and try to get it to work in your Apple G5. Guess what it won't. Does that mean that Apple has no place in the home. NO Apple sells you a complete system that works out of the box. Don't even think of trying to change out it's parts. Ok my end statment I promise... These types of posts are nothing but a this is my opinion and you better agree with it. Problem is it is based on your understanding and use of said operating system. I don't claim to be the end all be all but a blanket statement of Linux will never make it into the Home User market is not only bold but almost ridiculous. Buddy its all ready in the Home User Market... You just can't check Fortune Magazine and read about Bill Gates stock to judge that success.

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I don't think the OP has ever mentioned mac's

by Slayer_ In reply to Well this entire thread h ...

could be wrong, its a long thread already, but I am pretty sure the OP knows about how Apple does their business.

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by bobgroz In reply to Well this entire thread h ...

Is it a myth wallmart stopped selling desktop computers preloaded with Linux? Is in a myth that newbies to linux have to wrestle with xorg.conf to configure their computers?

Is a myth that at least 80% (and that's conservative) of all HOME COMPUTERS have windows on them?

Maybe people at work use linux at home, but they know linux.

I will not back down - windows is the BEST operating system for HOME USE period. Anybody that thinks otherwise AT THIS TIME is smoking drugs.


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by bobgroz In reply to Myths?

quit the old linux whining about marketing, Bill Gates,etc.

If the people that put together Linux were so hot, people would be running it at home (why would anyone PAY for an operating system when there is one available for free?)

And it's not just preloaded windows. Plenty of people I KNOW and I KNOW A LOT OF TECH PEOPLE run WINDOWS at HOME.

I worked in a company that had well over 10,000 people in tech, and I talked to many of them about Linux, the reply was always the same..... "That's for work stuff, I run Windows at home".

I do too, and I'm not sorry for it. I love windows 7. With good antivirus software (I prefer Norton antivirus suite), some good anti spyware software (like webroot) taking regular backups, I HAVE NEVER HAD A VIRUS BRING ME DOWN IN WELL OVER 15 YEARS.

Sure there are no virus's on Linux, that's because nobody uses it at home!

Until there is a much better and stable GuI, easy installation methods, support for all hardware that windows supports, and software (including games) selections that run easily without having to wrestle with things like wine (why do you think Cedaga has such hot thing going for linux gamers)


I know the fanboys don't like this truth, I know you probably hate me for stating it, I know you blame everything from marketing to hardware vendors not writing drivers, to television advertising, to hate for Bill Gates, but none of that matters. The people responsible for putting Linux distro's together, and the people writing the software, the Gui's the drivers, the installation methods, the available software, until THESE people finally realize THEY have to do something about it by putting out a much better product for the HOME USER, this will NEVER change.

Over and out.

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Needs games

by Slayer_ In reply to And....

Trying to sound positive here, but the only thing I can agree on is linux needs commercial games.

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speaking of, Bob

by jck In reply to And....

Are you on drugs? :^0

Listen...most people use a PC at home because of one of 3 reasons:

1) It's what was on the PC they bought.
2) People don't like to change.
3) It's what was needed to run the games their kids wanted.

Obviously, you never saw Kubuntu 8.10. Fantastic GUI, easy to use and navigate, etc.

Anyways, I wish you luck with your happiness with Windows. You're right, so far Win 7 is pretty nice. But, I can power a Linux machine with a lot less hardware cost and take that money and buy me a new TV.

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Missing the point Bob

by shodges119 In reply to And....

My post was not saying all the myths were posted by you. I was evaluating all the posts. Alot of myths about what Linux can and can not do.
Chill be happy with your Windows Machine. I love mine.
I will be happy with Linux and Windows in my home and the fact my Kids can build their own machines and never have Graphics problems shows it's not that hard if you understand which companies build cards that are dual compatible. Because I know your GeForce Card you bought for XP worked excellent on Vista from day one. And yes most people blamed MS. Guess what it was the vendor's problem there too.
It really has more to do with ATI and NVidia Drivers than with anything Linux or Windows can fix.

Also I know he didn't mention Apple. I did because they are now based on a Linux Kernel. OS-X and up are Linux Based Operating Systems so in a way Linux has two venues into the home.

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what's xorg.conf?

by Slayer_ In reply to Myths?

Been playing in nix distros since 2002, never heard of this thing, is it a file?

What's it do?

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it's the configuration file for the display system in Linux / Unix

by Deadly Ernest In reply to what's xorg.conf?

for the X GUI. You only need to do anything to it if you run a version of Linux / Unix that doesn't have a GUI installed, or you have some weird and wonderful graphic card that doesn't even give a nodding acquaintance to the industry command sets, or you're running a 1990s version of Linux / Unix.

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