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linux will never compete with windows in the home market

By bobgroz ·
linux is a business OS period. It is unix based and requires a lot of knowledge. The average person cannot handle it's quirk's.

Something is always wrong. Especially if you have current hardware. I doubt very much Ubuntu or any linux distro will support the ATI 5870 or 5890. You won't even get a screen. The display code will **** up, and personally I don't have the hours to spend trying to get current hardware working with linux.

Windows 7, while being more expensive, is LIGHTYEARS ahead of any linux distro for the HOME user.

Keep linux where it belongs, in the business segment. It will never achieve home desktop success. never.

sorry folks, that's just the way it is.

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Ernest, I think that

by jck In reply to it's the configuration fi ...

the last case is what bobgroz is dealing with.

I'll send him an AM2+ CPU and motherboard, if you'll send him a small HD, decent video card and a 2009 or newer CD of any major Linux distro.

I've never touched xorg and been using Kubuntu for...2-3 years?

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I did a college course that included Red Hat 6 and we had

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Ernest, I think that

to amend one line in the xorg.conf file because, in the words of the teacher "The garbage systems the college bought have got what's got to be the crappiest graphics card ever made." He had all the MS certs and taught two different MS certification classes as well. I heard he had the same thing to say about the systems when he had people loading Windows onto the same hardware. And that was back in 1998/99.

Since I switched to using Linux instead of XP Pro (after I got fed up with having to call MS Aust every few months for a new authentication code) back in 2004, I've not had to touch or amend any .conf file at all. I don't know anyone who's amended their xorg.conf file since the late 1990s.

Sadly, I've only got nVidea graphics cards, and he's already said he doesn't like them, so I can't send him one he'll like and use.

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Hm...well then...

by jck In reply to I did a college course th ...

I have a spare ATI laying around surely. Maybe we can put $40 together and get him a single PCIe slot mobo with onboard graphics of the ATI variety.

I still don't see what his beef is with nVidia. I'm running 2 8800GTSes in SLi under Kubuntu, and I never had to touch the xorg stuff.

I did have to (in the early days of Kubuntu have to mess with the /etc/network stuff, but that was before built-in Atheros support and WPA was native. I had to load wpa supplicant and stuff and mess with ifconfig, iwconfig, etc.

See, that's how I learned about Linux.

That, and reading a LOT of wikis. :^0

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Nix really doesn't Like SiS graphics

by Slayer_ In reply to I did a college course th ...

Which is too bad, cause every system I have that would be perfect candidate for Linux, has a SiS integrated video.

My folks use our really cheap office systems at home (since going out of business).

My gaming machine the only one with a proper graphics card. Though not a SLI 8800's. Not sure what you could possibly use that power for with Linux. I currently cruise around with my 9600.

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by jck In reply to I did a college course th ...

My machine is dual boot. It's my old gaming rig for playing Shadowbane and Civilization II and Age of Empires and all that.

As for SiS graphics, many of the new, low-end mobos have ATI integrated 3000 series on them.

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Something for you to learn about linux Sinister

by bobgroz In reply to what's xorg.conf?

One of the most common problems in Linux is a broken GUI configuration. The X Windowing System (Xorg) is the most common GUI system in use on Linux systems today. Unlike the Windows GUI, (which is practically inextricable from the rest of the operating system) Xorg is simply a program that runs on top of the base Linux system. Because of this, it can be easily repaired.

The X Windowing System uses a file called xorg.conf to maintain the GUI configuration. It contains information about your graphics hardware, the driver it uses, (in the case of NVIDIA or ATI devices) your available screen resolutions, and even settings for your input devices. The best way to avoid any problem is prevention, so you should always have at least one backup copy of important files like xorg.conf and be sure to save a copy of the current working version each you make any modifications to it.

Don't panic if the worst happens and you find yourself without a working xorg.conf. The base system is probably still operational and it is possible to carry on without the GUI, although some distros might complain a bit if Xorg refuses to start. Many modern distros (like Mandriva, Ubuntu, and others) have a safe mode or recovery mode that provides a root-level command prompt.

Read carefully BROKEN Gui system, COMMAND prompt, all rubbish in 2010.

Yes, xorg.conf is a file, a very IMPORTANT file, as it contains the parameters for your video and other important hardware. If the GUI for xorg.conf breaks (and it does regularly with newer hardare), you must su to root and manually fix the file by hand.

I don't think most home users have the talent or the will to do this.

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How odd

by Slayer_ In reply to Something for you to lear ...

I've never had this happen before, and I've been using Linux systems for a long time now. Often on new hardware.

Maybe that is whats wrong with my Mandriva VM?
Neon, is this possible? You saw my video.

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I did.. I've been loosing faith in Mandriva sadly

by Neon Samurai In reply to How odd

I remember seeing your boot load up to a GUI background lacking the login prompt box. Since the GUI environment loaded, I'd be more inclined to guess that some of the damaged storage included the login application. This would be something behaving badly within in KDE more likely than Xorg.

With Debian or another apt-get based distribution, it would likely have been a simple fix to identify the broken package or have current X related packages reinstalled.

I'm still rather surprised that after probably close to a decade of mucking with various Linux distributions, and many of those years RPM based ones, I've never had a hard drive corruption to recover from. I've chewed X more than once and back in the days when it really was arcane magic to even config initially. These days, it just works on my hardware and I spend far less time maintaining and updating the system rather than doing stuff.

In the end, if hardware manufacturers put the same effort into other platforms that they put into Windows, this would all be a non-issue. The ones that do provide cross platform drivers demonstrate this. The one's that do it right and release driver source or work directly with The Linux Driver Project, or additionally gain the benefits of security and bug fixes along with faster development at lower cost.

Not all make and model of cars are the same. Not all make and model of distributions are the same. That's really what it comes down too. One can't blame the faults of one Windows version on the others blindly. One can't blame the faults of one distribution on the other's blindly.

I think our discussion originator needs to take a step back and a deep breath once they are don venting about whatever has them so bunched.

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Purposly corupt one to try then

by Slayer_ In reply to I did.. I've been loosing ...

Make yourself a virtual machine. Open up the virtual hard drive in a hex editor and change something (probably near start? not sure).

Any change should cause a huge failure I'd figure. Perhaps equivalent to a bad cluster or two.

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I may just do that

by Neon Samurai In reply to I did.. I've been loosing ...

If only to learn how to chew a drive in a similar way to your drive crash.

In the past, partial installs, random hard reboots and some other HDD unkind things haven't managed to do it. I'll have to have a go of doing it intentionally.

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