Liquid cooling..coolant.

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Hey Guys, Gals.

I have a Zalman Resorator 3 setup installed on my Intel, It;s has been in place for a little less then a year, and it works flawlessly without incident. I was wondering weather or not anyone knows of a viable alternative coolant solution for this rig outside of the funk-blue smurf blood?

Its already well surpassed the pifling warranty, and I guess as long as the substance wont eat the powder coating off the inside of the cooler, or melt my lines, eat everything in sight (no hydrochloric acid unfortunately, or fluorine) It could be thrown in and benchmarked.

I maintain about a 25:1 ratio of distilled water and Zalman Coolant. Checking the level monthly. No bacteria to ick smell and it states in the manual to flush and change it annually, and that date is coming up on the 11th.

For those who are not familliar, The cooling tower or torpedo is basically a powdercoated/anodized aluminum heat sink, with a fish tank pump, nylon lines, anodized aluminum water blocks, with an exception to the cpu block which is a combination gold plated brass, bolted to an anodized aluminum manifold with a rubber o-ring to keep it from drooling all over. No fans in the machine, silent as a mouse, with heat sinks on the drives and it is as clean as when I put it together a year ago. :)

I have theorized a few different ideas for coolant, but I wonder what all of you have to say about it.

This is my own rig, so I always love testing wack-ideas on my own stuff (I have heard of break fluid, mineral oil, hydraulic oil, and a few others)

please, please opinions suggestions. I want to know what mad scientists are out there in tech republic land..

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How do you

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I will try this..

intend to measure corrosion? Test-till-destruction? Getting statistically viable evidence that way can be expensive

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Well the reality is that

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do you

As far as Electrolytic Decay goes it should only be the Heat Transfer units on the CPU, GPU RAM and So on that should show any signs of corrosion. Even then the Alloy of the Heat Transfer units needs to be in contact with a different metal so direct contact with Silicon IC's shouldn't produce any issues.

However you still need to lubricate the Shaft of the Impeller with a water proof grease. Normal Tap type Grease works well for the Water Based Coolants not sure what you should use when it comes to Alcohol type coolants though.


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Reponse To Answer

by Goggle Eye In reply to Lessons learnt from pizza ...

Ok, I think you are on to someting using anti- freez for liquid cooling.

Why couldnt you use Windshield washer Solvent?

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