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Live Financial Forum July 22nd 12-1pm EST

By Peter Hennigan ·
Hi TechRepublic members, I'm Peter Hennigan, a senior manager in the IT Business Risk Management Practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and I will be leading a live question and answer forum on IT financial issues right here on Thursday, July 19th from 12 noon to 1pm EST. Feel free to post your questions ahead of time or email them to TechRepublic editor Judy Mottl, at Then tune back in here on Thursday as I answer your questions on a wide range of issues ranging from chargeback, ROI, sourcing issues, to software asset management and contract management. Please note that this event will not focus on personal financial issues but purely on IT financial topics and scope.

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Chargeback...a path towards the door?

by Art66 In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

Whouln't Chargeback make your dept look like a service, therfore open the door for outsourcing?

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Chargeback-expose dept to outsourcing?

by Peter Hennigan In reply to Chargeback...a path towar ...

If mgt. is going to consider outsourcing, they will whether IT chargebacks or not. Doubt that the existence of CB raises the outsourcing risk.

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A quick tip for tracking forum posts

by jmottl In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

Participants in today's forum will need to consistently 'refresh' or click in/out of the discussion page to read new posts during the one-hour event. Just want to make sure there are no technical difficulties!

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Cost of Email Server

by KarenT In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

What is the cost associated with setting up an in-house small email sever (less than 100 people) with great security? thanks!

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Email server

by Peter Hennigan In reply to Cost of Email Server

Can't answer specifically, but consider these costs" hardware, software, installation, ongoing maintenance, impact on existing support staffing.

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MEMBER Q: Topic: Lease vs.. Buy and Life Cycle Management

by jmottl In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

We are going to replace our desktops (approx 400 machines) this Fall. Previous management was very strong in Life Cycle Management and leasing. The reality of our situation is that, in the past, we have either had to extend of lease or deploy with an old image.
Is there a way to analyze lease/buy calculating the effects of cases where the lease time needs to be extended at the end of the lease because of outside factors? We currently have a very low internal cost of money and are paying a 2% admin fee to the leasing company to meet the requirements of an operational lease>
What factors should be included in the cost comparison between leasing and buying in calculating total cost of each method, ex. disposal fees?
Shirley McCleer
Infrastructure/Client Services Manager

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by Peter Hennigan In reply to MEMBER Q: Topic: Lease vs ...

Extending operating leases will almost always make the lease choice a worse economic choice than your original buy option. Can vary depending on extension/renewal options negotiated at the front end.

Perfroming some 'what if' scenarios in your lease/buy analysis can give you an idea of the impact of extending the leases.

Need to consider all costs in the comparison. Also, must consider residual value & be honest about whether you will realize the RS & the costs associated with selling/disposing.

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Abbreviation: RS?

by Beth Blakely In reply to Lease

Peter, can you clarify the above answer? What does RS stand for?

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by Peter Hennigan In reply to Abbreviation: RS?

Sorry about that. Residual Value

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MEMBER Q: IT spend per employee

by jmottl In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

I'm the IT Director for my company and I'm looking for a benchmark figure. What is an acceptable range of IT spending per employee? I'm interested because my company spends what I consider to be a large amount on cell phones and BlackBerries, but a comparatively small amount on infrastructure, application software and security.
Bryce White
Director of Information Systems

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