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Live Financial Forum July 22nd 12-1pm EST

By Peter Hennigan ·
Hi TechRepublic members, I'm Peter Hennigan, a senior manager in the IT Business Risk Management Practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and I will be leading a live question and answer forum on IT financial issues right here on Thursday, July 19th from 12 noon to 1pm EST. Feel free to post your questions ahead of time or email them to TechRepublic editor Judy Mottl, at Then tune back in here on Thursday as I answer your questions on a wide range of issues ranging from chargeback, ROI, sourcing issues, to software asset management and contract management. Please note that this event will not focus on personal financial issues but purely on IT financial topics and scope.

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MEMBER Q: IT expense as a percentage of revenue

by jmottl In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

Do you have insight into or reference information that discusses industry trends in their IT expense as a percentage of company revenues?

(A post by Mike Sisco on another site discussion)

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IT exp/rev

by Peter Hennigan In reply to MEMBER Q: IT expense as a ...

these metrics vary by industry & company size. the analysts (Gartner, Meta, Forrester, etc.)track this info & it is often available publicly.

Not sure if any recent trends have been apparent. IT spending generally decreased post 2000, but so did revenue for many industries.

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IT Asset Management

by Peter Hennigan In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

I've been observing cost and security concerns increasing interest in formal IT asset management strategies and processes.

Anyone seeing that in their organizations?

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IT Asset Management

by tom.mochal In reply to IT Asset Management

The last company I worked for started asset management precisely for those reasons. This was three years ago. It's a real pain to get started. I was recently consulting at a company that was also starting formal asset tracking and management. So, based on those two obnservations, I would say there is increasing interest for sure.

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Yes, definitely

by mike In reply to IT Asset Management

I'm seeing more interest in IT Asset Management and interest in how to approach it from a practical sense that doesn't require an inordinate amount of administrative time and effort.

It's definitely important in my judgement in order to reduce risk, stay in compliance, and reduce cost in a company.

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Developing a budget for the first time

by mike In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

What would you recommend to a new IT manager who has never budgeted before as an effective approach in learning what to do and how to go about it?


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Budget Tutorials

by Beth Blakely In reply to Developing a budget for t ...

In addition to the advice Peter may have, check out this article about free budget tutorials:
Free tutorials help managers write better budgets

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by Peter Hennigan In reply to Developing a budget for t ...

I recall a web site of a consulting company that had some free info on this topic. I'll post their site some time before the next forum.

Some basics: think of your budget in two views:
Committed: what you have to spend just to keep what you have running.
New: new investments-new projects, required upgrades.
Apply those views to two general expense categories: People and non-people (e.g., hardware, software, services)expenses

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Budget Resource Site

by jmottl In reply to Budget

Peter Hennigan suggests members check out this site:

as it's chock full of budget resources and online tutorials.

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Budget resource site

by Peter Hennigan In reply to Budget Resource Site

Let me know if you find the site helpful

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