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Live Financial Forum July 22nd 12-1pm EST

By Peter Hennigan ·
Hi TechRepublic members, I'm Peter Hennigan, a senior manager in the IT Business Risk Management Practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and I will be leading a live question and answer forum on IT financial issues right here on Thursday, July 19th from 12 noon to 1pm EST. Feel free to post your questions ahead of time or email them to TechRepublic editor Judy Mottl, at Then tune back in here on Thursday as I answer your questions on a wide range of issues ranging from chargeback, ROI, sourcing issues, to software asset management and contract management. Please note that this event will not focus on personal financial issues but purely on IT financial topics and scope.

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MEMBER Q: IT Governance Committee

by jmottl In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

Ramon Padilla's proposal to establish an IT governance committee caught my attention and i see it fit in our college. At present i don't know where to start if i establish one. Anyone who could extend a helping hand please?

(Post by

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IT Governance

by Peter Hennigan In reply to MEMBER Q: IT Governance C ...

A lot of research/articles exist on this topic. Try searching & other IT trade sites. Analyst community has lots of material on this topic.

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MEMBER Q: How do I do a staff RFP

by jmottl In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

Anybody out here have a sample on how to write Proposals to increase IT Staff in an organization so i can get some help?I need to submit a proposal to the Management that we need to increase IT Staff. I have experience on making Request For Proposal(RFP) but never had a chance to make a Proposal, so if any, please mail me at would be very thankful

(Post from on another discussion)

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Proposal to increase staff

by Peter Hennigan In reply to MEMBER Q: How do I do a s ...

Your proposal should present a viable business case. What's the business need driving the request? What will it cost? What's the benefit?

If you can tie it to a specific business need and get a business person to also support the proposal, you will increase you chance of success.

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Come back next week! July 29th is next live forum!

by jmottl In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

Today's forum hit a variety of IT financial issues and topics and we're hoping it has helped members with the tough budget and costs tasks facing them today. Please return next Thursday, July 29th at 12noon EST for the next one-hour live discussion right here with Peter Hennigan! If you want to email a question ahead of time send it to

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Member Question: Server ROI

by jmottl In reply to Come back next week! July ...

My boss has tasked me with drafting a proposal for the possibility of purchasing a server.
I'm thinking that an ROI would be critical information to place in the document.
This the first such request that I've ever had.
Any assistance from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Server RFP

by Peter Hennigan In reply to Member Question: Server R ...

A few things to include in your proposal:
-business reason for acquiring it (e.g., does it support a specific business project?, are you replacing existing server?)
-Projected cost of server (purchase price, maintenance, any impact on internal support needs?)
-plan for installing
Regarding the ROI, I think that depends on who has to approve this. If you can identify real benefits than putting together a rough ROI will help you sell the idea. I wouldn't try to get too sophisticated. A simple payback projection might suffice.

If the server is part of a larger project, then any ROI analysis should be focused on the larger project.

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Member Q: Software asset management

by jmottl In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

The company I work for currently uses Track-It for call tracking and inventory management. Track-It is great at finding every executable on any PC on our network. The question I am posing is what procedures to other companies adhere to in an effort to maintain licensing compliance? For example, what hard copy information do other companies keep for each piece of software that is purchased? Any input provided is greatly appreciated.
From: tlnarc

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Software Asset Mgt.

by Peter Hennigan In reply to Member Q: Software asset ...

This varies depending on the size of the organization and how you acquire your software. Larger companies that negotiate enterprise type agreements rely more on their purchasing records to add to their license inventory data. They often utilize auto-discovery tools for ongoing monitoring of their license data.

Smaller organizations without often attempt to centrally gather actual license documentation that comes with a purchase.

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MQ: IT shopsize/revenue/capex metrics in telecom

by jmottl In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

Where can I look to perform some dilligence on IT shop comparisons relative to Revenue, CapEx, & IT size, within and industry - in this case Telecom.
Does anybody know a good information source ?


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