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Live Financial Forum July 22nd 12-1pm EST

By Peter Hennigan ·
Hi TechRepublic members, I'm Peter Hennigan, a senior manager in the IT Business Risk Management Practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and I will be leading a live question and answer forum on IT financial issues right here on Thursday, July 19th from 12 noon to 1pm EST. Feel free to post your questions ahead of time or email them to TechRepublic editor Judy Mottl, at Then tune back in here on Thursday as I answer your questions on a wide range of issues ranging from chargeback, ROI, sourcing issues, to software asset management and contract management. Please note that this event will not focus on personal financial issues but purely on IT financial topics and scope.

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Telecom IT Metrics

by Peter Hennigan In reply to MQ: IT shopsize/revenue/c ...

Best bets will be the IT Analysts (Gartner, Meta, Forrester, etc.). You may be able to find some of their data at no cost.

The other good source is often industy associations. Often they will sponser surveys that capture this info. Don't know if that is the case with any telecom associations.

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Procuring Technology product and service

by Peter Hennigan In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

Most large companies developed good skills for negotiating technology product and service acquisitions in the late 80's and throughout the 90's. Do members feel confident that their organizations do this well? What about the ongoing vendor and contract management?

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MQ: IT audits...

by jmottl In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

How often should an organization perform an IT audit?
From an IT manager in pharma industry

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IT Audit

by Peter Hennigan In reply to MQ: IT audits...

Need to define what you consider an 'IT Audit'. In most companies with an internal audit function different aspects of the IT function are audited every year. With the introduction of the Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, companies are going through controls reviews of IT (as it pertains to connections to producing financial statements). They will be 'recertifying' that work annually.

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MQ: IT Portfolio Dashboard - examples needed

by jmottl In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

I am working with a client to develop an IT portfolio management set of processes and tools. At this time we will not implement a vendor tool. However, we would like to develop a simple Dashboard.
What type of data should be on the Dashboard? Does anyone have examples they can send me in Powerpoint or Excel?
From: Vandejam

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Related MQ: Portfolio criteria...

by jmottl In reply to MQ: IT Portfolio Dashboar ...

What criteria do you think are important when categorizing and ranking IT projects when it comes to portfolio management for IT projects?
(posted on a TR discussion)

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Criteria for ranking projects

by Peter Hennigan In reply to Related MQ: Portfolio cri ...

Best approach is to work out this criteria with the business. Develop criteria for ranking business specific projects (e.g., possible criteria-Increase revenue, reduce expenses, improve customer service....) Develop crtieria for ranking IT projects (e.g., reduce costs, improve delivery, increase capacity.....)

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by Peter Hennigan In reply to MQ: IT Portfolio Dashboar ...

A couple thoughts:
-include info on status of outstanding projects (scope, schedule, budget)
-include financial info for IT dept (budget vs actual)
-include personnel stats (internal & external (contractors) headcount w/historical trends, turnover data, unfilled positions, etc.)
-include metrics on operations area

You should be able to find lots of info on this by searching the web. Howard Rubin from Meta has done a lot of work in this area.

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MQ: Software development costs

by jmottl In reply to Live Financial Forum July ...

Do you believe that upper management should look at the total cost of ownership when pricing out various packages versus having the staff on site
to develop home-grown software? And if so, what's the best approach?
From M. Anglim/IT professional

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Software development costs

by Peter Hennigan In reply to MQ: Software development ...

Any buy or build analysis should include examining the total cost of ownership of the options. Prior to that analysis a review of how well each option meets the business requirements should be conducted. This will help define which option may deliver more business value (which could offset higher costs)

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