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Locate any Cell Phone/Cell Phone Number!

By mak1515 ·
Because of the demand of Cell-phone, antennas are everywhere in our society. After few days of research, I found out we are not only can be monitor our everyday lives by Credit Card but also with our Cell-Phone (# of People owned a cell-phone is much higher than Credit Card.) I know they will use 3 points method to locate the precise location of the cell, just like GPS System. More scary is Governments has forced the manufactures to include the GPS function in the newest Cell. Gov'ts still haven't decide any restrictions over it (Just like when the internet started).
I am very interest in such topic, and how to prevent it with the newest cell-phone. If somebody had been DIY a device, please share your advice and knowledge! Any comments to this topic are welcome!

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Having worked with law enforcement

by teri.reynolds In reply to Federal government uses c ...

Having worked with law enforcement approx. 5-6 rs. ago, I know this is true and was/is no trouble for this method to be used in tracking folks. All that was necessary for identifying a person's locale was the simple receiving of an incoming call or outgoing attempt of the same. Pushing "send" on one's phone was the only necessary participation in tracking someone's exact location. Kinda scary, huh? And this was 5-6 years ago. What are they capable of now and what little must we do to help them find us? Not that there's any reason for us to be "scared" per say, but's just unnerving to me.

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Lordy, another can of worMs

by mjd420nova In reply to Locate any Cell Phone/Cel ...

Invasion of privacy is the call I hear going out. Not one word about national security. Your cell phone records are private??? Right!!! I can't think of anything you can really call private except what you do behind closed doors, minus the technology. Addition of television cable boxes, the phone, computers, fax machines, cell phones, hand held GPS units, and whatever RFID device you may have picked up, **** even the drivers license in your wallet or a new passport, LOOK OUT, you are being watched, tracked and intercepted. Big Brother has been here for years and you didn't even know it. National security??? You bet your life. Don't like it??? TOUGH, you'll have to live with it because it won't change and will only get better. It could save your life, or your family and those of millions more. Why?? Because it's in your best interest and they'll only do it anyway and you'll never know. To reveal how they prevented a catastrophy would reveal how they collected the info and how it was processed. Trade secrets are not about to be revealed. If you have nothing to hide you'll never have to worry about who or what is watching you...Paranoid yet???

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not to be snarky or anything

by jdclyde In reply to Lordy, another can of wor ...

but "can of works"? :0 :^0

laughing WITH you...... really...... unless your getting paranoid about if I am really laughing AT you? oh my, will it never end? Now I am paranoid about if you are paranoid that I might be lauging at you! AAAAAAAA!


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JD, I'm proud for you!

by Old Guy In reply to not to be snarky or anyth ...

You finally got someone else for their misspelling. Since you are paranoid right now--I'm laughing at you. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa

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In JD's case

by maecuff In reply to JD, I'm proud for you!

he SHOULD be paranoid. People ARE out to get him.

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You're right.

by Old Guy In reply to In JD's case

That's the reason I laugh AT him. hahahahahahahaha <diabolically> :)

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by jdclyde In reply to You're right.

you could at least be nice enough to lie to me about it!

their coming to take me away, ha ha
their coming to take me away, hoo hoo, hee hee, ha ha ha ha

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and you make me laugh too!

by teri.reynolds In reply to not to be snarky or anyth ...

let me know if you get this smiley please! thanks!

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An interesting side note

by Tig2 In reply to Lordy, another can of wor ...

Back when I lived in Washington State, there was a case where a murderer confessed to his crime in a cell conversation. It was determined that the captured confession was admissible as evidence because the conversation had occurred via cell phone and the perp had no reason to assume that his wireless transmissions were private. That was around 1994.

I'm with you. I have never assumed that my phone is private. I KNOW that at times in my former marriage that my phone (wired, home) could be tapped due to my ex's profession.

I think that there needs to be checks and balances. But I also think that the government is not doing anything new.

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Agree, But......

by mak1515 In reply to Lordy, another can of wor ...

I totally agree with you all, but what happen if your enemy / unknown stalker try to track you down?
I can't believe there is someone who would use their phones in a crime. This is so un-professional. They should used different strategies for Being Monitor / Not.
Good luck guys!

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