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Locate any Cell Phone/Cell Phone Number!

By mak1515 ·
Because of the demand of Cell-phone, antennas are everywhere in our society. After few days of research, I found out we are not only can be monitor our everyday lives by Credit Card but also with our Cell-Phone (# of People owned a cell-phone is much higher than Credit Card.) I know they will use 3 points method to locate the precise location of the cell, just like GPS System. More scary is Governments has forced the manufactures to include the GPS function in the newest Cell. Gov'ts still haven't decide any restrictions over it (Just like when the internet started).
I am very interest in such topic, and how to prevent it with the newest cell-phone. If somebody had been DIY a device, please share your advice and knowledge! Any comments to this topic are welcome!

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Served Jury Duty for drug crimes

by Maevinn In reply to Agree, But......

Got to hear cell phones used to placed orders, and then triangulated to place the suspect in the area the transaction took place. Criminals, contrary to what so many believe, are NOT brilliant people. Really.

As for stalkers...It's another tool they can use, but there are laws in place regarding this in many states already, and I imagine more will follow suit. Again--if you don't use the technology, it can't be used against you. I think these scenarios are less likely than it being used to bust you for speeding in you rental car.

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...and about 9-11??

by teri.reynolds In reply to Lordy, another can of wor ...

True, yes, true. But then there's the whole 9-11 cotastrophy. If they can/do know so much and have so much technology and it's good for our protection and we've nothing to hide and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH,.....

fer real.? Not to be sarcastic or anything, but if you're(our govt.) is gonna do all that and CAN, then do it all the way and don't be shady about it. Protect us, the people.

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Nothing new

by Maevinn In reply to Locate any Cell Phone/Cel ...

Personally, I'd prefer this method of tracking to some of the other options that have been postulated.

As with any technology, there's good and bad. Yes, you can be tracked when your cell phone is in use. So? Turn it off. Or--here's a novel idea--just don't have one. It's not a requirement for existing in today's world.

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Unless, of course, it's a corporate phone

by NickNielsen In reply to Nothing new

Who's messing with my dots?
You messin' with my dots?

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The lines are blurring

by Daniel.Muzrall In reply to Locate any Cell Phone/Cel ...

As communications technologies have become part of most people's daily lives, the lines between home/personal time and work time have blurred. There have been a number of discussions on this here on TR, and on many other sites. In another discussion about tracking by cell phones (on TR if I recall correctly), the question about who can track you was brought up. It can be a rather scary proposition: you have a company issued cell phone; maybe you are on-call, maybe you are not; with a blurred line between work time and non-work time, what are your expectations about location monitoring then? Add on top of that security and national security monitoring and tracking. Couple cell phone location tracking with municipal CCTV systems installed in an increasing number of cities. It's possible that (with the right access) you can be tracked AND watched without knowing! Wrap your head around that one! I think that an individual's realistic expectations of privacy are continuing to decrease.

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a GPS jamming solution?

by sevenex In reply to Locate any Cell Phone/Cel ...

Just make yourself or buy a GPS jammer where available, and make certain it uses only enough power to cover a few feet! You won't require too much power for it if it's designed correctly. I know how to make one but I don't want to get in trouble by giving out too much info here. Too many dweebz with ankle bracelets, rental car GPS pedal-to-the-medallers, truckers wanting to play games with their bosses (they already play games at rest areas with innocent laptop users.. I can cite an example in another post), etc. may want to know as well, so I'll keep em' wondering. Do your research and the answers are pretty obvious. Circuit board, SMT, RF theory, and certain other things are necessary in a DIY solution. Just remember, the contract was awarded to the LOWEST bid! "L1" will be part of your answer - I need say little more, and NO, the device won't work on jamming cellphones, although the concepts are very similar.
P.S., The FCC may find you've broken the rules if you use one. Be smart and don't flaunt your usage of one, and to disclaim: I'm not responsible if you decide to make and use one anyhow. Fair warning huh?

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Sorry about my misspelling

by mjd420nova In reply to a GPS jamming solution?

I glazed over that one and missed it completely. I have since corrected that blunder. As for being paranoid, I have no reason to be, I won't say I'm perfect, but like someone has already grabbed up the user name...Never been busted... I have to hold my sides when Iread about a GPS jammer, in correct parlance, an ACTIVE jammer. No need, just wear chain mail underwear. I have to laugh at an incident that happened in 1975 when I had built an ACTIVE radar jammer for police speed guns. I can still see that hapless patrolman banging on the side of the gun and pointing it at me again and then smacking it again.. Seems he couldn't get a lock on me. Do you need to jam anything?? Simple metal screens and proper grounding will render most useless and legal too. No passive devices will stop a radar unless you are truly stealthy but even that technology is gone, brought about by distributed processors and even reverse radar, that is to look for a hole in the coverage and track that. Very effective for both aircraft and submersables.

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How do you properly ground

by NickNielsen In reply to Sorry about my misspellin ...

a car?

And a "simple metal screen" will tend to interfere with vehicle operation at highway speeds.

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Want to Learn More!

by mak1515 In reply to a GPS jamming solution?

You guys sounded like a master in Jammer. I want to work for the Government in such field, but I want to know more about this before I look for one. I have B.S. in Computer Science. Do you have anything I can read about it? Appreciated if you can email me more information.

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You are 1 effing idiot!

by kakakaakkkkwkwkwkwkwkwk In reply to a GPS jamming solution?

How the **** does an idiot like you get to post such ******* ********? And how the **** does this **** get past an Admin? Really!

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