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By Michael34 ·
My problem is this. I have a AMD Athlon 1.0 GHZ, 768 MB of ram and here resently within the past 4 months I have had nothing but problems with it. It seams like it locks up more than ever for just no reason. If I leave it on for a night or something it seams like it locks up by the next morning its just getting to the point where anything I do it locks up. What could be causing this? I formatted several times and reinstalled windows 2000 Pro using different CD's and still it does it so I am at a loss. Occasionally what it will do is for no reason it will lock up and the CD rom light will come on so will the hard drive light then nothing else works, the other CD rom will not eject or anything but other times it just locks up normally and I have to reset it. Any idea's?

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by CG IT In reply to

geez I can't type... correction I could got to... should read: "I would go to the Creative labs site and use......."

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by Michael34 In reply to

Thats okay I am a bad typer myself. Anyways when my PC freezes and I am listening to a MP3 the song continues and I can hear it through the speakers until it ends.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Lock Ups

well, can't tell but you sound experienced enuf to me that i would tell you to follow your instincts. if you think it is memory going bad, you probably have tried taking out some and seeing if problem goes away. i would eliminate heat as possible problem. i would boot from win98 floppy or xp installation cd so it was not running my os, and just let system bake. see if it locks. try to overheat it. blankets, light bulb. i am not kidding. make it so if system reboots, you will know it (maybe boot from floppy but pop out floppy so spontaneous reboot will boot back into xp.)
also have others mentioned changing Recovery options in System Properties to not reboot system. that way you can see error and post it.
try reseating processor and memory and all cards. anything you can reseat. all fans running, yes?
could be ram but imh experience, would go for swapping power supply if i could get my hands on one.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

if you guys suspect a driver, simply boot into safe mode. if problem goes away, well, it is not hardware is it?

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by Michael34 In reply to

I am thinking perhaps its the prosessor? So far I have spent to much on troubleshooting this issue and I don't know if I want to spend much more on this. I am unsure would the sound card still work though if it was the cause?

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by glyall In reply to Lock Ups

Have you used any diagnostics program?
Check IT Pro is a good one to use.
If you an IBM you can use one for that model.

Hard drive problem is also one that does lock up the PC. Had to reboot to get it to work. If I was working on it, it worked fine. If it set idle for over 10 minutes it locked up, it did this for about 2 weeks.

The hard drive died. I lost all the data and had to buy a new hard drive.

Good Luck

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by Michael34 In reply to

I was thinking also it may be the hard drive however when it locks up and I restart the hard drive wants to run checkdisk. I noticed when it locks up the hard drive still does things and appears to still be active as when the system locks it does not run checkdisk when it restarts so I am stumped

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by HereInOz In reply to Lock Ups

To determine whether it is hardware or software related, ghost the existing system onto another hard disk, format the current hard disk, then stick a basic install of Windows on it - nothing else, just Windows - and run the thing. If it still hangs, then there is probably a hardware problem. If it does not hang for a time, then you have proven nothing concrete, but it will indicate that the hardware is probably OK. Not definitely, but probably.

All of the other contributions are very valid, and I do not envy you your task. I had a problem like this for weeks and finally I narrowed it down to what appeared to be dirty pins on the CPU or a dirty CPU socket.

Cleaned the pins and socket (carefully!) and the problem went away.

Good luck,


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by Michael34 In reply to

I did just that. I cloned my PC using Norton Ghost 2004 and so far have had no issues with the clone so its got to be something inside mine. Could it be the processor overheating seeing it does not do it on a regular basis just at random?

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by mcsejeff In reply to Lock Ups

Is the only problem you are having is a "lockup" or "system freeze"...? If its a BSOD, write down the specific error thats reported on your screen. Thats your pointer. If its JUST lockup, but you still are making it to windows, then your best bet is to replace the MEMORY sticks one at a time, & troubleshoot from there. Components are taken out & replaced until you find the problem, 1 at a time. Its worth an hour or two, starting from scratch to find the bad component.(doesn't sound like a software problem since you have multiple copies of Win2K) Good Luck!!

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