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By Michael34 ·
My problem is this. I have a AMD Athlon 1.0 GHZ, 768 MB of ram and here resently within the past 4 months I have had nothing but problems with it. It seams like it locks up more than ever for just no reason. If I leave it on for a night or something it seams like it locks up by the next morning its just getting to the point where anything I do it locks up. What could be causing this? I formatted several times and reinstalled windows 2000 Pro using different CD's and still it does it so I am at a loss. Occasionally what it will do is for no reason it will lock up and the CD rom light will come on so will the hard drive light then nothing else works, the other CD rom will not eject or anything but other times it just locks up normally and I have to reset it. Any idea's?

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by Michael34 In reply to

Well everything is good, Its been about a year since I got any blue screens on this PC. What it will be is I will do something and it will just lock up mouse won't move or anything but the sound if I am listening to something will still play until the end of the song then nothing happends it just stays frozen. The mouse and keyboard are useless so I have to use the reset switch.

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by int In reply to Lock Ups


Looks like a problem with the cooler on your AMD-chip

replace it with a better one


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by Michael34 In reply to

I have had the PC for about a 4 years so it could be the fan on my unit? I know it has a huge Headsync and then a fan on it but the fan looks okay and works good, not making any noises or anything but you think I should still replace it just to be on the safe side?

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by TheChas In reply to Lock Ups

Based on what you have tried and the age of the system, it is possible that the CPU is going.

One other thing to check though is your power supply.

How many watts is it?

I would want at least 350 Watts.

Also, does your power supply have air vents on the bottom, near the CPU?

AMD's thermal design guidelines recommend that the air inlet for the power supply be on the bottom so that the hot air from the CPU is directly exhausted by the power supply fan.

With power off, how freely do ALL of your fans spin?
If any fans stick or wobble, when spun by hand, they need to be replaced.

Another off-the-wall possibility on a 4 year old system is the CMOS battery.
If the CMOS battery voltage is low, the settings could be coming up in unknown states, or a hidden CMOS setting could be set wrong.

So, in order of cost and effort the things left to try are:

CMOS battery

Power supply

CPU and Fan/Heat-sink


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by YNTBOM In reply to Lock Ups

If you have added any new hardware like a CD-RW or added memory you may have some conflict. If you added any new memory take it out and see if the system still locks up. If you have added a new drive make sure you have the IDE cable connected correctly and that your new drive is set to slave (SL) and not master. Think back to any recent changes you have made to your system, before it started to freeze. If you have performed a clean install of W2K you should not be having any problems. It sounds like you have a hardware or incorrect memory issue.

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