Locking out the system from changes

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I would like to lock my system (and still be able to use it while locked) so that my teenage son cannot make changes, erase history, etc. But I would also like him to have the ability to use the system when he wants. FYI I do have netnanny installed also. Is there anyway to lock certain folders and programs from unauthorized changes? I guess this would include email as well (Outlook)


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RE: Locking out the system from changes

by joseph_mcmanus In reply to Locking out the system fr ...

Good Afternoon Liz,

Why not just try giving him a standard user?s privileges instead of a power users, or (God forbid) Administrator privileges. As a standard user, he will (and I quote the description from the groups category) "Users are prevented from making accidental or intentional system-wide changes and can run most application."

Ok, here?s how to do it:
1) go to the start button (Win XP) or Orb in Vista, Left click on Control panel, then on Administrative Tools
2) Left click on Computer Management
3) In the Left hand view pane you will see a notation that says ?Local Users & Groups,? Left click on this.
4) In the Main window you will see two folders, one that says ?Users? & one that says ?Groups.? Now there?s two different ways to do this, the second way you can use to confirm that it?s done correctly.
5) Ok, Here goes, Left Click on ?Users? and the main panel will change to show all the users on the computer, now left click on your son?s logon (I will suppose that it?s his name, and will use my own name for simplicity here) left click on his name, and a separate window will pop-up, left click on the ?Member of? tab, and see what?s listed there.
6) If he is listed as a member of the administrators group you will Left click on it (so that it highlights) and click the ?Remove? button below the list area.
7) Now, there should be nothing in this window, so next you will click the ?add? button that is located just to the left of the ?Remove? button you just used.
Now a new window will pop-up, This is the ?Select Groups? window, left click on the button that says ?Advanced,? another window will pop-up, now left click on the ?Find Now? button on the right side of the window, when you do this, a list of groups will appear in the lower half of the window, move the slide bar down to reveal the ?Users? category, Left double click on this group to select it. The Select group window will now show something like this ?Vulcan\users? (Vulcan is the name of MY computer; your computer?s name will show there instead of the ?Vulcan?). Now Left click the ?OK? button, and ?Users? will appear in the list of groups, left click the ok button and you?re done.
9) Now this will put you back at the main ?Computer management? window, Left click on the ?Groups folder and the window will change to show a list of all the ?Groups? on your computer, Left click on the ?Users? group and your son?s name (or logon) Should show there. This will confirm that every things been done right, If Not, START ALL OVER until this check shows this.

Now, if your son is in the slightest way savvy, he will notice this change the first time he tries to do something that requires administrators privileges, you might want to (if your using Vista) activate the ?Administrator? user, pass word protect this user with a heavy duty password (like 9 or 10 digits, mixed capital letters, numbers, and symbol keys in a random mix, but remember to write this down and hide it well, someplace where he will not likely think to look for it) and use this procedure to change your own logon to a user level. I suggest this as he may already know your logon?s password, and if you just change the password, kids are smart enough to find/figure out what it is in time. The only way to prevent them from ?Figuring? it out is to change your password every week or so using the same guidelines shown above, but this gets a little crazy, and we get lazy, and the kids just wait like cats at a mouse hole waiting for us to mess up.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions, you can post it here or email me via my profile.

Take care and good luck

Joe McManus

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