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Login takes 20 minutes

By aydin ·

I've got a realy problem with a few laptops that seem to be taking on abpout 20 minutes to login.

The machines are brand new XP SP2 and have had company software installed.
They are on a domain, and seem to work correctly when I installed the programs.

Now about a week later, I am getting problems with them.
One of them takes 20 minutes to load. It goes to the login screen OK but when a username and password are input, it takes 20 minutes to login in. Its stays on 'checking network connections' and ' applying security settings' for a while.

Another of the laptops takes about 20 minutes to log in when it ISN'T connected to the network. Exactly the same setup.

The only way I can "fix" this problem up is to re-install everything including OS. This again is temporary as the problem develops again in about a week later.

Another takes a very long time to shutdown ?!?
The problems seem similar.

help required,

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by Gigelul In reply to

uphclean is not for policy changes only.
If you installed a new application it is posible that the windows cannot close all the related processes, so the uphclean will force them to close.

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by jkaras In reply to Login takes 20 minutes

I bet dollars to donuts that you have Dell Laptops? Inspiron line? Well the long boot up is probably from a dead battery in the primary battery dock. Even with the ac adapter plugged in these Dell laptops dont switch to the superior charge for some stupid reason. During the slow bootup make sure the ac is plugged in then eject the battery, then whalla it boots like a champ, then check the tell tale lights on the battery. Guess what, it should be dead or close to it.

If this isnt it give the info as to brand and model with bios version for a better understanding.

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by aydin In reply to

Laptops are various Toshiba Tecra models.

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by niloy_kumar In reply to Login takes 20 minutes

i have gone through the logs for the answer but as you said dns is fine may i suggest the foll.

unlike win 2k win xp has local login i.e it doesnt wait for the server to authenticate but logs on locally and tries to synchronise with the server ..there is a grp policy on local m/c

in comp config....admin templ...sys...logon..wait for network for computer startup and logon..

the policy states whether win xp waits for the server to authenticate or it logs the user locally and then synchrobnises with the server.

plz chk the policy to be disabled.

the uphclean tool is used if some policy is not getting applied once new settings are made because the computer while shutting down is unable to unload the settings from registry.

plz reply if that worked or not

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by jeanmarc In reply to Login takes 20 minutes

3 things come to mind:

A. SP2 firewall. Is it on? If you are on a LAN with boundary firewall protection, you should disable Windows firewall, it causes a lot of connectivity issues on a domain

B. Spyware problems. Just in case, take one of these PC and do the following:
1. Install Spybot, update, and run a check
2. Install addaware, update, and run a check
3. Install Microsoft AntiSpyware, update, and run a check
4. From now on Microsoft Antispyware will protect you so you can uninstall spybot and addaware.

C. Windows becomes 'bloated' and has registry issues. In which case I recommend you install ccleaner and use it to:
1. do a complete clean (the first time it takes a while, but after it takes split seconds)
2. check you start-up programs (conflicts, etc.)
3. Sort out registry issues (usually takes between 2 and 5 passes in row the first time). Ccleaner offers you each time to save your changes . Do it - create a registry backup folder and save each change to it.
4. set it up to do a clean up at every logon. You will keep your PC lean and clean

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by aydin In reply to

A. SP2 firewall is off.

B.& C. These are brand new laptops with a "clean" hard drive, that have only been used for a week.

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by gardoglee In reply to Login takes 20 minutes

This may seem to come from left field, but I believe it may be the source of your problem. We have used Toshiba, Dell and IBM laptops from various series, including Tecras, for some time. We have had a continuing issue with the Toshibas in that they arrive, brand new, with loose and/or faulty internal connectors. While I realize you will not want to peel open brand new machines, you may want to run some hardware diagnostics on these machines immediately after you reinstall to build a benchmark, and then rerun them after the machines start to act up. I suspect that you will find the drives are getting flaky, which could indicate a faulty IDE cable, but there are also other possibilities, particularly intermittent problems with memory.

Hardware errors are rare in new equipment, but one of the telltale signs is that a particular machine consistently and repeatedly acts different than other machines of the same type under the same use. That describes your situation, so I would recommend you try following that line to confirm or eliminate.

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by gmcgill In reply to Login takes 20 minutes

Run msconfig and deselect all non-microsoft services and reboot. If it fixes your problem, reselect them one at a time and see which one is causing the problem. If you are running Audit Wizard on you domain, see if there is a service named "Lync USB Auditor". If there is, try that one first.

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by aydin In reply to

disabled Lync USB Auditor service and it logged straight in, off and on the network.
tested it many times and it is still working.
good stuff.

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by aydin In reply to Login takes 20 minutes

We are currently running Audit Wizard on our domain and have been for a few months. The laptops have been "fixed up" by re-imaging them. But if we do come across the problem again, which I have a very strong feeling we will, then I will try what has been suggested and will post results. Thank you.

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