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Looking for "free" Server Monitoring utility

By herrmannator ·
Anyone know of a simple and safe freeware/shareware utility I could use to periodically ping my servers automatically and then send me an email alert if one becomes un-reachable? Just something simple that could run on a desktop PC even. What's Up Gold is a good product but is $795 I think. Yes - simple, safe, and free would be good!!

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automate it..

by secure_lockdown In reply to True

Yes, you can create baselines. But what I am getting at is that you should use the technology at your disposal and automate the process.

Most server downtime results for sys admins not bothering to look at the *.err logs or the event logs for windows. You don't have to SSL or RD to the box to look at it and you don't have to schedule time out of your busy day to do it. Have the server email you the problems so you are getting everything from a single support point of pickup - your email client.


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Opensource monitoring solution

by cmm47 In reply to Looking for "free" Server ...

OpenNMS should do what you need and a whole bunch more:

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Another Open Source NMS...

by clark.holmes In reply to Opensource monitoring sol ...

Check out Despite the less then serious name, (Just For Fun NMS) it's got a lot capability. Takes a bit to set up, but the price is right and has an impressive interface.

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Dhyan NMS

by emsnmscompany In reply to Another Open Source NMS.. ...

Dhyan Infotech, software and services company providing NMS to companies in telecom and networking markets.

To know more visit

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Server Monitoring

by Murt In reply to Looking for "free" Server ...

I'm assuming that you want something for Windows...
Check out Fpinger ( -- it wasn't free but it was inexpensive and it works for me...

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"free" Server Monitoring utility

by d.cutler In reply to Looking for "free" Server ...

Try FREEPing, used by LOTS of people. You can get more information at
and can download it from the website.

I work for Tools4ever and came across your inquiry today.

Dennis Cutler

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WebWatchBot Server Monitoring

by timhodgson In reply to Looking for "free" Server ...

For a PC based app, check out WebWatchBot:

It does simple ping and other stuff. It's not free, but far cheaper than $795

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Server Monitor

by PMidnite In reply to Looking for "free" Server ...

I use a program called "Servers Alive". It is free up to 10 devices and around 20 dollars if you want to monitor more. You can even set it up a modem on the machine you install Servers Alive to call you if one of the monitored devices goes down. Works great for me.

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by BlazNT In reply to Looking for "free" Server ...

This is the best product I have ever used for the price. Free for 10 servers or less. Somewhere around $250 for 5000 servers

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LogicMonitor will save you time

by sbarie In reply to Looking for "free" Server ...

If you don't want to spend a lot of time cobbling together different tools to get good monitoring, LogicMonitor is pre-configured. Just enter the IP address and your work is done.

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