Looking for very light PDF Viewer

By Slayer_ ·
I am looking for a PDF viewer that does nothing more than displays PDF's when opened. I don't want browser integration, I don't want anything even remotely close to adobe's reader. I for sure don't want it to start up with windows and require updates EVERY time you run it. I just want to be able to view the odd idiotic document stored in PDF form online for things like online documentation and such.

Any suggestions?

I know I could google this but saddly its very difficult to find free apps that aren't just crapware or malware. So suggestions/Recommendations would be appreciated.

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Hahah menu bar moves with document

by Slayer_ In reply to 626K

Glitch or feature? Gotta wonder.
This is very much something I've be looking for, works good enough aswell, enough to read and print PDF's, thanks.

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No Problems

by Jacky Howe In reply to Hahah menu bar moves with ...

It's pretty basic but it will do the trick.

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Foxit Redux

by willcomp In reply to Looking for very light PD ...

The early versions of Foxit were a single stand alone file. It did register itself as the default PDF reader. No install was required and it did not integrate into browser as does new version.

I'll see if I still have the old version somewhere. If so, you can peer mail me and I'll email it to you.

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Thanks but

by Slayer_ In reply to Foxit Redux

It's not needed, using an older version is probably prone to security risks is it not?

I may in the future try the full version, but right now, that other suggestion, what was it, smartpdf? Is certainly good enough.

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Bad luck , the first file I try to open doesn't want to work?

by Slayer_ In reply to Looking for very light PD ...

Although that cool pdf reader works on my work computer, it does not work on my home computer. It complains of access violations.

Anything else I can use? Or anyone know how to fix these?

Ok so it reads some PDF's, its just the first one I tried didn't work, the nVidia release notes, do they work for anyone else?

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One that works for me

by ian3880 In reply to Looking for very light PD ...

is Foxit. Even the free version is very usable (but puts a watermark on the document?). It is small and fast. It can be browser integrated, but only if you 'allow' it to.
I use paid versions of various Foxit programs because I reckon something this simple but extremely good needs to be supported.

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Now thats interesting

by Slayer_ In reply to One that works for me

That the free version of Foxit gimps itself when you could get the full featured adobe for free, as long as you can put up with the anouyances.

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