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Looking to raise the profile

By the1knight ·
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I am looking at posting a review about TechRepublic on my web site and need some good article writers for a few comments to post on their behalf.

Now, before anyone wants to blame me of spamming, I'm not even going to type out my url in the post.

The comments can be a paragraph, or a full page, it matters not. I just want to display to the world that this is an excellent source for news and solutions.

Thank you in advance.

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Friday Yuk

by Steffi28 In reply to Honest?

Its were we let our hair down!! It is supposed to be one of the only places we let our hair down but I always do it all over the site

If you go to the forums, browse scroll down to off-topic you will see a section called Friday Yuk! the latest one should be the one on the top created by yours truly, and as for what I do if not viagra, well read the yuk you'll soon find out

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Ahh W2k

by Steffi28 In reply to Honest?

You know you love it in the gutter really its the best part of TR their gutter

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Read the friday YUK steffi

by the1knight In reply to Honest?

Will I need a tissue?

Now Now, thats an honest question as I have no idea as to what you are referring lmao

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by Steffi28 In reply to Honest?

Tissue, well as long as you mean a tissue to wipe your eyes from crying with laughter or wiping the screen because you have had a gigglefit, then you may need one. But, I should imagine you will be safe to read without a tissue lol!!

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A men hater eh?

by the1knight In reply to Honest?

ooo I'm looking forward to Friday now

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Nah, she isn't. Mainly a specific man, I believe.

by daveo2000 In reply to Honest?

Steffi is one of our sweeties here. She is Pure and good and ...


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Did Steffi borrow Mae's new hammer Daveo??

by w2ktechman In reply to Honest?

or did she sneak up and Palmetto you?

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by gadgetgirl In reply to Honest?

I think you mean monitor wipes.....

We have virtual ones here, that get passed around from person to person based on need - or screams for help!

Friday Yuk started years ago by the Guru Of Dos (known to some of us as GoD!) purely as a sound off and a proper end to the week. It's a good laugh, and We (as in "the Impure Brigade") tend to try and take over and make it as Impure and downright dirty and raunchy as possible - Hence Dave-O's attempt to purify Stef! ;\

Hang around - it get's really good here on a Friday!

(having said that, guys, I won't be around, I'm on leave.... but, if I get sick of housework....! )


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gadgetgirl - From the disgusting filth I've seen in YUK?

by the1knight In reply to Honest?
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daveo- about GG

by the1knight In reply to Honest?

You hold GG down, and I'll run...

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