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By the1knight ·
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I am looking at posting a review about TechRepublic on my web site and need some good article writers for a few comments to post on their behalf.

Now, before anyone wants to blame me of spamming, I'm not even going to type out my url in the post.

The comments can be a paragraph, or a full page, it matters not. I just want to display to the world that this is an excellent source for news and solutions.

Thank you in advance.

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by Steffi28 In reply to Honest?

Dave I really didnt mean to hit you that hard, sorry

T1K glad you like the yuk, looking forward to you contribution tommorrow :)

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t1k -- - - - -- - - --

by gadgetgirl In reply to Honest?

just a few questions.....

"You hold GG down, and I'll run..."

o........k. Dave-O is supposed to hold me down. Hold me down where? Am I meant to enjoy this? (Could be arranged! )

But nobody holds me down! I'm irrepressible! I'm unsinkable! (with my inbuilt floaters! ;\ ) I'm unstoppable! I'm irresistible! (well, in my own mind..... )

And you'll run, will you? Where? From Preston to Geordieland? Really ?! You must be fitter than Tig!

Ok, I admit I have Fridayitis on a Thursday, guys, but it IS my Friday, as I'm on leave tomorrow (woohoo! ]:) ) .......


Edit: 'moticonitis 'gain

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Did I say, "I'll run?"

by the1knight In reply to Honest?

Sorry, slip of the tongue. I meant, "I'll have the runs."

eewww what a smell.

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Welcome aboard

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Our parents taught us not ...

I hope you can understand and excuse some of the initial responses. Your first post set off some alarm bells: new member, no profile, first post, looking for personal information.

I think you can link to anything on this site from yours without problem from the Power That Be, as long as you attribute it to TR and you're not doing it for profit. It's a public site and no one who had written any articles here should have any expectation of privacy. Search the site for the topics you're interested in and link to them.

The forums here are sorted in a number of technical categories, based on the tags selected when posting a new topic. These can be viewed from the Forums' Browse tab. You can also view topics sorted into two general groups, Discussions and Questions, regardless of their tags.

Topics in Questions are almost always technical, and have a system so the question asker can mark the responses he regards as helpful. The "thumbs up" icons beside member's names indicate how many helpful answers they've given. Use Questions when you're looking for answers to a technical problem. Posting questions in Discussions is discouraged and results in a response to repost the question as a Question, not a Discussion. It's considered poor form to venture too far off the topic in Questions.

Discussions are a mix of technical and the "off-topic" category. Unlike the "looking for an answer" orientation of Questions, Discussions posts include preferences, opinions, speculation, and all sorts of non-technical material. Posts that are off the original topic are par for the course. Non-technical discussions frequently include politics, the environment, religion, and other potentially offensive topics.

Some members only participate in Discussions, some only answer Questions, some in both, and some in neither. I recommend a new member lurk for a couple of weeks or months before posting for the first time, just to get a feel for the ambiance here.

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Ambiance? ? We have Ambiance?

by dawgit In reply to Welcome aboard

:0 I didn't know that. ;-) -d

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Sure we do.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Ambiance? ?:| We have Amb ...

Kinda like Octoberfest without the beer, food, or charm. Just the drunks.

Or like a Chuck E. Cheese's but without the games. (Note to non-US members - it's a pizza chain with a lot of games that "award" tickets that can be redeemed for prizes rejected by cereal companies. The food is so bad, smart parents eat before they get there. Imagine DisneyWorld for fourth-world nations.)

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Ambiance? I thought he said "Ambulance"

by daveo2000 In reply to Ambiance? ?:| We have Amb ...

I read that too fast. :0 I thought he was saying

"I recommend a new member lurk for a couple of weeks or months before posting for the first time, just so you don't get a ride on the ambulance here."

You know, like if he runs afoul of Mae's shovel or Max's silver hammer. I mean, it would make sense seeing as how it was Palmetto that said it and he has been getting a few extra slaps lately. :)

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Understanding, browsing and contributing

by the1knight In reply to Welcome aboard

Yes of course I can understand initial responses Palmetto, but I won't excuse bullying and / or ignorance. There are only 2 reasons I can attribute to bullying, based on my own personal experiences. Bad parenting or insecurity. I suppose I should take part of the blame for requesting opinions before making my presence felt in a constructive way.

I note however that following profile info and my picture, people have been a lot more welcoming. I thank all those concerned for that. It is my intention to be around a while to get the feeling of the place, which I might add is improving every visit.

I do feel that I have an awful lot to offer based on my own computing expertise, of which you have yet to discover. I whole heartedly look forward to getting involved with what I can only describe as a forum with so much wide ranging subjects.



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by w2ktechman In reply to Understanding, browsing a ...

I dont pay too much attention to the profile area usually. If I see something suspicious, then I may look at it, but my own has never been filled out either.

I usually (when time permits) hang out in the questions/answers area, but recently have been moving into the discussions a bit more.

Many people just hang out reading on the site without actually posting anything, while others have an addiction to the site. I think that the more you make yourself known, the better the response that you will receive. At least, unless you post like a troll, or cracker. In those cases you will most likely be flamed or ignored completely.

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I think you will find

by daveo2000 In reply to Understanding, browsing a ...

that many of the responses weren't really bullying; but, instead were in-their-own-character responses without and newbie-gloves. You have seen a lot of just who hangs around here with no special treatment.

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