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Looking to raise the profile

By the1knight ·
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I am looking at posting a review about TechRepublic on my web site and need some good article writers for a few comments to post on their behalf.

Now, before anyone wants to blame me of spamming, I'm not even going to type out my url in the post.

The comments can be a paragraph, or a full page, it matters not. I just want to display to the world that this is an excellent source for news and solutions.

Thank you in advance.

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No, No, NO!!!

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Understanding, browsing a ...

I keep telling you, the person feeding the troll gets the slap, not me!

Steffi, you might be able to hear me if you'd take your heels out from behind your ears...

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But she has them there for a good reason!

by w2ktechman In reply to Understanding, browsing a ...
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ok, a Welcome, and a sugestion....

by dawgit In reply to Looking to raise the prof ...

First the Welcome, Hallo. Stick around a bit and get warmed up with us here. we're really not that bad. Only a few of us bite. :^0 But as Techmail was saying, we have had a lot of new (as in just joined) members lately come in and start with some crazy talk. (some really bad stuff too) so expect some of us to be a bit defencive, if not a bit 'gun shy'. Once you do get to be known here, and accepted as a constructive part of the community, you'll be fine. (just as with anywhere else)
A tip though, if you, or once you have, your site up and running, (as many here already do) where people can see what it is you're trying to do, you will probably see a difference.
again, Welcome. -d

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by the1knight In reply to ok, a Welcome, and a suge ...

I missed your post mate, sorry. And thanks for that. I'll be around. I had no intention of high tailing out.

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Tread Lightly

by jmgarvin In reply to Looking to raise the prof ...

I suggest you stick around, pop into some threads and test the waters.

We've gotten a lot of bad juju around here with the newer members (lots of scammers and l33t haxors). So just hang out for a bit, throw your hat into the ring, and make sure your skin isn't too thin...Some folks around here are a little cranky ;-)

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Thanks for the welcome

by the1knight In reply to Tread Lightly

Thanks for that jmgarvin.
I hope I can be a valuable contributor in the future.

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by Michael Jay In reply to Looking to raise the prof ...

You say that you "Owned a retail outlet for 2 years. Ran a world-wide PC club for 4 years." where is the web site for that PC Club?

Is that really you in the picture?

Always willing to give the underdog the benefit of the doubt, welcome to TR and I hope to see your web site on May Day.

Thanks for joining.

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PC Club Aid

by the1knight In reply to Hmmmmmm

Hi Michael, I've been resisting displaying a url of any kind for obvious reasons. My former clubs web site does not exist anymore since closure in 2003 however if you google pc clubaid you will find 1 article left hosted at aha-soft under the alias of Oscar of PC Club Aid, that was me.
Then search PC TecZone, you will find an article where someone at AccringtonWeb Forum (my home town)questions my use of an alias.
That is about as much info on that subject as I am aware of, that still exists. That was my past life and I am now re-married.

Yes of course that is me in the photo, taken in the News Cafe Torviscas Tenerife last year. My wife was in the pic on our honeymoon. I can send you the full pic if you like?

My current venture is called Freewareontrial. But I'll leave it with you to decipher the url because I'm not going to be blamed of spamming. Use the full title in your guess.
The site is in construction at the moment.

I hope I have now done enough to remove any doubt.


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If you're worried about keeping stuffout of public view

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to PC Club Aid

There's a function on here called peer mail. TR will forward a message to the email account we signed on with.

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Reply to Tony

by the1knight In reply to If you're worried about k ...

No I'm not worried Tony, about keeping anything out of public view. I guess I'll learn more about TR when I have time to dig even deeper than merely browsing., which should only be a few days since our site structure is almost complete. Just a few tweeks left to do. I've already started on the reviews but they are much less time consuming once you get in to them.

But thanks for the tip.

I am a little curious Tony, not that I'm trying to re-start anything mind. It is merely something that I noticed just now. Your initial perception of me was that you thought I was a little thin on coming forward about myself. I have explained that I hadn't gotten round to filling in my profile, a mistake on my part I admit. However, you declare in public view "up north GB?" I declare "Preston." See my point? Like I said, I'm not trying to go anywhere with this, just a notation.

Please, let's not fight again, I don't have the time right now. Maybe later?

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