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By the1knight ·
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I am looking at posting a review about TechRepublic on my web site and need some good article writers for a few comments to post on their behalf.

Now, before anyone wants to blame me of spamming, I'm not even going to type out my url in the post.

The comments can be a paragraph, or a full page, it matters not. I just want to display to the world that this is an excellent source for news and solutions.

Thank you in advance.

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I'm quite happy to forget the bad start.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Reply to Tony

One of the first things we advise new members of is not to put any direct contact details on here.

I'm skirting good sense by using my real name.

How much of your identity you make public on a site like this is a real hard one. We had a discussion thread about that not so long back, it's amazing what comes back through something like google.

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Just a thought

by neilb@uk In reply to Reply to Tony

It's my personal opinion that the reason that Tony puts "Up North, GB" is the fact that he's from Yorkshire - and he's working in Lancashire.

I think he's just embarrassed... :8}

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Not staying around

by the1knight In reply to Just a thought

My wife and I are embarrassed just to be British, the state of this country. We aren't hanging around much longer. We are joining the millions who have already moved to Spain.

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by maxwell edison In reply to Not staying around

Would you care to elaborate a bit? This stupid, self-centered, ignorant, war-mongering, planet-destroying American would like to know more.

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Maxwell: Why not ask

by neilb@uk In reply to Not staying around

those of us who choose not to go to Spain to live why we don't go. Ask why those of us who want to remain in England say "well, go on then - and don't come back whining when you're old and sick" to those who do go.

Actually, they are obvious ones. Go ahead, ask knighty your questions as I'm interested myself in seeing if he fits one of the stereotypes.


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Okay, Neil, consider the question asked. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Not staying around

Why do you stay and not leave.

However, I might suspect that your reason might be similar to mine. In my case, there's a lot of things about the United States that I don't like -- the gradual infiltration of socialism, for example, or any number of other things. But this is my country, I'm a "native American" (since I was born here, I must be a native), and I'm not going to give it away without a fight; in fact, there's no giving about it, they'll have to take it (which they are doing). But I won't run from a fight, flee from a challenge, or cower in defeat. Instead of running away from the problem (as I see it), I would rather meet it, challenge it, and defeat it.

With the exception of the particular details, I suspect you might feel the same way about Great Britain. Both out nations have experienced greatness, and great people don't run away from their responsibility to keep it that way (people like you and me and William Wilberforce.)

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Easy one really, Maxwell

by neilb@uk In reply to Not staying around

I think you summed it up. It's my country. It's where I was born. There's an awful lot about it that I don't like these days but I can't possibly imagine liking anywhere as much. I sat on the North Downs yesterday for a couple of hours in the sunshine watching the world go by a few hundred feet below and I've been places sunnier, hotter, grander and every way more spectacular but nowhere thats suits me better. Took this one yesterday! Show me a better place to sit with a couple of cans of beer and a sandwich.

On the matter of feeling "ashamed" of my country, well, I do and you know the reason why but, if I had to get out of the UK, then Spain are as guilty of participating in the Iraqi debacle as was the UK and at least we are trying to get out in good order. the last thing that I would do is join an insular ex-pat community in Spain and sit in the Mediterranean sunshine eating British food and whinge about the "old country" and contribute nothing to putting it right.

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Great picture, Neil

by maxwell edison In reply to Not staying around

And I suppose we're of the same mind-set. I've also got a couple of places to just sit and reflect, a couple close by, and a couple farther up into the mountains. I've often wondered where I'd go if I ever did move out of the USA, but Alaska is still part of the USA! No, I could never leave.

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by maecuff In reply to Not staying around

I am completely jealous. What a beautiful picture. If I walked outside and took a picture right now, I could take a picture of the crazy cat guy's house with the boarded up window. He just moved due to foreclosure and one of his cats (the one with no tail and one eye) has taken up residence under our porch, which likely explains why my porch smells like cat **** now. OR..I could walk a few blocks away and take a picture of the paper mill. Or perhaps the sewage treatment plant at the other end of town..the place that makes my office smell like wide open *** when it's hot outside.

I can't wait to get a new job..

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"Cathouse", Mae?

by daveo2000 In reply to Not staying around

Oh, I thought you meant the other kind. Nearly got a Purity alert there!

Maybe you could bury that place with your new nuclear powered shovel?

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