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Lose Internet Connection Periodically

By Dragon Emperor ·
When connected to the internet I have full access for a seemingly random amount of time. Sometimes I can go days, other times only a few minutes. Usually it is more like 30 minutes.

When the problem happens I cannot read email or browse the internet. I can still ping and access network computers. The only way to regain access appears to be a reboot.

I have wireless broadband.
All computers are running Windows 2000 SP 4.
I have an SMC Barricade 7004BR router and an Asante FriendlyNET switch.
All computers are protected by up to date firewalls (Sygate) and
antivirus (Panda).

The problem occurs when I directly connect to the broadband modem as well.

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by shmaltz In reply to


If you can connect to the clients locally:
Then connect a computer that has this problem directly to the router and see if you still have this problem. Again first eliminate ARP problems following the instructions above. If deleting the ARP cache did not help then it is time to fire up route.
At a command prompt type:
route print
if you see any other gateways then the one you think should be there, then your problem is that you have more than one default gateway. The following gateways are normal for every machine (this is assuming a machine with an IP address of, netmask of, and default gateway of
if your machine lists any other IP Address in the gateway column then delete that entry using:
rotue delete followed by the entry.
then try your connection again.
Hope this helps. If you need more help drop me an email.

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by Dragon Emperor In reply to

When the problem is occuring I cannot access LAN Web Servers with IE, but can access the the computers normally.
The problem occurs when connected directly.
How I tested Win9x is because if several machines are started at the same time and one starts experiencing the problem the others will be to.
Clearing the ARP table did not help.
There were no suspect routes.

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by Gooser12 In reply to Lose Internet Connection ...

I have a wireless network at home that used to periodically lose all connectivety to the internet but it still seemed to be all connected up. I found a few things:

1) that your wireless security settings may be affecting the connection. You may also want to check that you don't accidentaly have another wireless profile set up that is overriding the connection.

2) Now I know that it also happens when you connect directly, I found that I had a wireless connector that was crapping out and seemed to take the whole thing offline after a while - had to reset the box.
-Is there one specific machine that seems to go out on your network first all the time?

3) You may also want to try reseting the box and changing the name and specifics to the connection.

4) Does re-making a connection ever link everything back up

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by Dragon Emperor In reply to

This is not a wireless network.
Releasing and renewing the connection has no effect.

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by Dragon Emperor In reply to Lose Internet Connection ...

Logging out and logging back in makes it so browsing and reading email are again possible.

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by BudgieSoft In reply to Lose Internet Connection ...

The problem isn't with you but your ISP's routers. Take a look at this article by Microsoft. What you are describing are "black holes" being caused by small mtu settings on routers between you and the real world.

Look at this article and then perform an expanded search based upon the issues it mentions:;EN-US;314825

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by Dragon Emperor In reply to

I can ping any pingable address when the problem is occuring with the size set to 1472, so from that article it would not appear to be a black hole (though it was a very interesting set of articles).

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by shmaltz In reply to Lose Internet Connection ...

Since you say that logging off and then on fixes the problem. I think the problem might be a spyware or adware that is creating this problem. Since in most case these programs only run in the logged on user context, when you log off these programs are terminated. Download spy bot search & destroy, Ad-Aware and the like and scan you computer. Also scan your computer against viruses. You can use to scan your computer for free.

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by Dragon Emperor In reply to

I have Webroot Spy Sweeper running all the time and periodically scan with Search & Destroy. I have also scanned with TrojanHunter and Panda Antivirus. My systems appear clean. Also my firewall does not show any suspicious activity.

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by jb_222 In reply to Lose Internet Connection ...

I experience the same exact problem - direct connection to cable modem (no router). Windows 98se. I'm convinced it is a registry problem caused by spyware/virus.

My experience is not extensive enough to attempt to fix the registry manually.

I continue to experience the problem as described and strive to fix the registry with some methods.

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