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Losing information as people shift to the web

By jdclyde ·
For a number of reasons, newspaper subscriptions are down, while web hits to news sites is up.

While the internet has the advantage of not having deadlines, or being able to get out updates, it does have a few advantages over the web.

Reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee is far superior than reading a computer screen.

With a newspaper, you will read MORE than just the main headline news, getting much more total information, and especially local news and events.

Web based news, people run in, get the main story, and rush back to their rushed lives.

I know I canceled my newspaper two years ago, but that was because by the time I got home at night, made dinner and went over homework, there wasn't a lot of time for reading the paper. People are busy. I also see that many of the papers no longer even try to be objective, but are now "right leaning" or "left leaning" publications. That is sad.

What do you think? Will you continue to get a newspaper, or are you happy to see it go? I bet the environmentalists will be happy to see the tree killers go.

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I'll subscribe as they keep publishing it.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Losing information as peo ...

Maybe I'm reaching fuddyduddyhood, but I'd rather read printed material (magazines, books, newspapers, etc.) for recreation. A newspaper with breakfast has been part of my life for over three decades.

I don't think "The State" (Columbia, SC) leans too much either way. I think there's too much emphasis on the college sports, but if it keeps the sales up I can tolerate it to get the rest of the content.

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I've noticed that too

by NickNielsen In reply to I'll subscribe as they ke ...

The editors at the State aren't afraid to point fingers, no matter what the target's ideology might be.

I was pleasantly surprised to find they had a cartoonist (Ariail) on staff. I was even more surprised to find his work as thought-provoking as Herblock, Bill Mauldin, or any of the other famous editorial cartoonists.

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My favorite Ariail cartoon

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I've noticed that too

remains his post-Hugo depiction of the state flag. (He uses the flag as a starting point on a regular basis.) The border of the cartoon box is tattered, the crescent moon is **** over to the opposite side with one point embedded in the frame, and the palmetto tree has most of the fronds missing and the trunk snapped in half.

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I missed that one

by NickNielsen In reply to My favorite Ariail cartoo ...

The USAF had me in Biloxi at the time. We were just happy that Hugo had taken the direction it had.

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Not often, but every now and then I'll buy

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Losing information as peo ...

the Times. I've got a thing about newpapers, I like there to be news in it. Very few newspapers manage that, nor do news channels or the web, to be quite honest. Dumbed down demagogic sound bytes most of it.

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I receive it...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Losing information as peo ...

but its the cost that drives whether I keep it - normally I wait until its offered at a 1 dollar a week special (they normally run this special one day a year) - then sign up for a year.

I use the paper for several items outside of just reading - cleaning windows, lining the bathroom that belongs to the teenaged boys, smacking hubby's nose when he's not behaving, etc...

But in all seriousness I do use it for cleaning and reading (the reading comes first) and it eventually gets mixed together with other things for my plants. And its job security (Hubby works in a paper mill after all )

I'm an avid reader who loves to curl up on the couch to read the paper, books, magazines.... a computer version just doesn't cut it.

-Tammy :-)

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to I receive it...

Gods of us all, how could I forget that? Returning all those lovely dead trees to the soil, in several thick layers around my shrubs and under the pine straw.

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