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Losing wireless/wired Windows XP network

By rgrowcock ·
I have a small local network setup at home using XP Pro. One Dell desktop wired, one Dell Laptop wireless. I keep losing network connectivity and can't figure out why. Nothing has changed.

The network will work fine for a long time, then, boom, I lose it. When I lose my connectivity, I also lose a networked printer. My printer is a HP 4 with a jetdirect card and its own IP address. (

There seems to be no rhyme or reasoning to losing my connections. The main desktop stays on most of the time and the printer is turned on when needed. Laptop comes and goes as needed. I know that I a connection on the laptop, because I can surf the Internet and ping all of the hosts. I do have a firewall, but it is configured to allow printing and access to local network.

If the printer didn't work at all, I would think it could be the firewall. But, at times, I am able to print. This just seems to be hit or miss and it is frustrating not only to me, but to my wife as well. She tries to print off of the laptop and can't.

The wireless connection is not bridged.

I re-ran the XP Network disk on both computers and everything works fine now. But why should I have had to do it again? This is what I can't figure out.

After rebooting Main, wired, computer, connection is lost again. After running the network disk, worked fine. I am seeing a pattern, if I turn all systems off, I lose everything.

Anyone have an idea? Or is this just a Microsoft thing?

One other issue, is there a way to turn Appletalk on in XP? I have a iMac that I would like to network too and can't get it to work either. Thanks!

I am setting the point level high, hoping to get a lot of answers.


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