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Lots of IT jobs but vacant for MONTHS!

By murso ·
I am just wondering if anyone else has noticed the following trend and why it is happening. Starting around 12/05, I noticed more IT jobs began to open up in my area after the "drop off a sheer cliff" back in '00. Now, companies are begging for IT staff and yet they are taking weeks and months to actually hire people. The jobs are posted and stay posted for as long as 8 months or more.

But why?????????????

There are thousands of highly skilled and talented IT folk in my area, I personally have more work freelance than I can handle and yet companies cannot seem to get off their asses to actually hire someone.
One position I had applied for back in March is STILL up for grabs and it is basic IT stuff. I finally emailed the HR person in frustration just to get a bead on why the position was still open and she said the "interview team" was still gathering itself to start the process after getting hundreds (her words) of qualified applicants.

Anyone got any clues about this trend?

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funny coincidence

by red In reply to The H1B problem

I'm also considering, as sw-spec., going to ny to work, and having a look at your email, I noticed, that we have the same name (tappy ,-).
I'm from Switzerland.
Do you think you could give me some advice for the h1b problem ?
Thanks ,-))

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Help on H1b - is easily available

by tappy0814 In reply to funny coincidence

BTW - H1B is not a problem. It is a workaround/solution to a problem.

You can get information on the web for information and on attorney firms websites for more specific topics.
You can try these:

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What an official notice of consideration of a H1B candidate - looks like

by coffee junky In reply to Contradictions mean there ...

position is worth 90,000

was posted for months

if you have anything similar - send your resume


Digital Media Delivery Engineer
Business Unit: NBC Universal
Function: Information Technology
Location: Universal City, NY
Job #: 556985
Posted: Oct 31, 2006

Job Description:

The Digital Media Delivery Engineer will:
# Implement and maintain various technical systems in support of centralized streaming media environment
# Deploy and maintain the streaming systems infrastructure; streaming servers, encoders, and media archives; and monitor the systems for performance, reliability, and security utilizing Six Sigma and Stream 2.0
# Oversee and support daily streaming operations, coordinate with the various infrastructure Teams and Network Engineering for scheduling of streaming and network resources using WM9 Series and Digital Dailies
# Develop, maintain, and support of web-based software tools for automation of streaming tasks, encoding tasks, and the archiving/retrieval of stored media while assisting with support of existing Digital Segment Approval, Digital Dailies Plus, Webcasting and Media server infrastructure utilizing Signiant Mobilize and DART

# Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Computer Information Systems
# Two years of experience as a Digital Media Delivery Engineer, Network Administrator, Server Support Analyst, or IT Analyst
# Two years of experience must include some experience with Six Sigma, WM9 Series, Stream 2.0, Digital Dailies, Signiant Mobilize, and DART

40 hrs/wk, 8:00am-5:00pm, M-F, $90,000/yr

job # 556985


U.S. Department of Labor
Employment and Training Administration
844 N. Rush Street
12th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: (312) 886-8000
Fax: (312) 886-1688

Tekeita Lodge
HR Manager
NBC Universal
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

GE is an equal opportunity employer, offering a great work environment, challenging career opportunities, professional training and competitive compensation.

Search the Internet for Six Sigma
(all of windows media) WM9 Series,
Stream 2.0, (piece of equipment)
Digital Dailies,
Signiant Mobilize,
Or similar

I do not work for ge or nbcuni

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More foreign software engineers needed in America -- U.S. Tech Czar

by TechExec2 In reply to Contradictions mean there ...

The effort to increase the number of cheap foreign engineers working on H-1B visas in the USA continues. The U.S. Dept. of Commerce says they want more Americans to study engineering. Yet, they make the field less attractive by injecting cheap foreign workers as much as they possibly can.

Are these people stupid? Or, do they just think American students are?

From (1):

"The IT work force is not skilled enough and almost never can be skilled enough," said Robert Cresanti, undersecretary of commerce for technology, in an exclusive interview with eWEEK editors. "There are not enough engineers with the appropriate skill sets."

Cresanti said U.S. colleges and universities are not enrolling enough engineering students, resulting in a dearth of information technology professionals. In addition to boosting engineering enrollment, he urged opening the gates to more foreign workers, including H-1B holders. "Without H-1B visas, we would have economic dislocation," Cresanti said.

(1) U. S. Technology Czar Says More IT Workers Needed,1895,2060613,00.asp

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by jmgarvin In reply to More foreign software eng ...

How is lowering the bar raising it? It just don't get the double speak coming out of Washington.

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It's because they have unrealistic expectations...

by _Damian S_ In reply to Lots of IT jobs but vacan ...

They want a graduate who is willing to work for next to nothing, but has 10 years of commercial experience in cutting edge technologies, with impeccable interpersonal skills yet being able to hard-code a mainframe down to the bare metal...

All this for the help-desk supervisor who will compile reports on the deskies...

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This is SO very true

by emar1000 In reply to It's because they have un ...

It is unbelievable what some of these job postings require for experience and what they are willing to pay. I would rather have a self taught Admin with 10 yrs exp vs. a degree with 5 yrs. However that?s not always the case. For some reason that degree always means more than actual work experience (of course with that being said) I would require the 10 yr person start getting some certs.

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Bad example!!

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to This is SO very true

You correctly value experience over anything else. However to compare a 5 year against a 10 is really not a fair battle. What if the experience score was equal (both had 10 years) - who would you hire now and why?

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Not Really

by emar1000 In reply to Bad example!!

a bad example because it happens all the time. But I do see what you are asking. Which would I hire? That is when it would come down to true interview with both parties which ever I felt was more competent would get the job.

Edited to add this:
Now to be fair it is only right to say that I am sure there are 10yr or so type people out there that just try and skate through so it is very possible Mr/Ms. degree and 5 yr exp. would obviously be a better option.

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Exp Years.

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Not Really

I guess a question could be: Is there an upper limit of 'experience years', where any over and above don't really make much difference?

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