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Lots of IT jobs but vacant for MONTHS!

By murso ·
I am just wondering if anyone else has noticed the following trend and why it is happening. Starting around 12/05, I noticed more IT jobs began to open up in my area after the "drop off a sheer cliff" back in '00. Now, companies are begging for IT staff and yet they are taking weeks and months to actually hire people. The jobs are posted and stay posted for as long as 8 months or more.

But why?????????????

There are thousands of highly skilled and talented IT folk in my area, I personally have more work freelance than I can handle and yet companies cannot seem to get off their asses to actually hire someone.
One position I had applied for back in March is STILL up for grabs and it is basic IT stuff. I finally emailed the HR person in frustration just to get a bead on why the position was still open and she said the "interview team" was still gathering itself to start the process after getting hundreds (her words) of qualified applicants.

Anyone got any clues about this trend?

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Jobs - Myth or Reality

by mamato In reply to Lots of IT jobs but vacan ...

I believe there are several reasons why there appears to be more positions available. First it is often "Smoke and Mirrors" designed to give an impression of a growing and tehnology drive organization. Top brass often DO NOT WANT to full positions because they can use SALARY SAVINGS to fund special interst projects which includes giving contracts to friends. This is especially true in the public sector where elected officials GIVE contracts to their friends as favors so they can advance their own political careers in the next election. The second reason is that there are many individuals that may receive an additional bonus by reducing expenses. It does not take a genius to cut cost by not hiring staff and placing the additional workload on existing staff. The third reason is the hiring of H1B consultants who are making the owners rich. I know of examples where they were paid $25 and hour but the owners who were politically connected were charing the governmental agency $125 and hour. A substantial profit if they have 20 or 30 in a job. The government allows and encourages this and in my opinion results in security risks and lack of job security for American workers.

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Job Candidates Are Overwhelmed Too

by david_katelansky In reply to Lots of IT jobs but vacan ...

I've seen several replies about employers being overwhelmed by the number of responses they get. Candidates are being overwhelmed too. If you look at a job board with thousands of posts for the job you want, it's difficult to find a real posting. By "real posting" I mean an employer who is actually ready to hire.
Back in 2002 I returned to Florida from a 3 month contract in Houston, where I performed a data migration from DB2/400 to a Wintel platform. Within two weeks of returning I received a call from a headhunter for another data migration project; same platforms. A lot of IT people were out of work at that time, so two weeks between contracts was pretty fast. I found out in the interview that this company had somebody working on the project for the last 6 months, but had nothing to show for it. I got a contract offer during that interview for a 6 week project.
It took me exactly 6 weeks to complete the project, so the hiring manager knew exactly what was involved in such a project. During the six months he had some low paid programmer (probably an H-1B that worked for a body shop) try to complete the project, I'm sure he was interviewing people for the job. So there may have been postings for that job for 6 months, with no intention of filling it until there was 6 weeks to go on the project. No doubt, some of the interviewees were capable of doing the job (probably a lot of them) but none may have been available on the needed date.
That contract worked out well for me, but just think how some job boards might have looked with a job posting on it for 6 months and "nobody to fill the job".


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Another View Point!

I have been working in IT since 1992. I have also worked at several places in my area in Florida. The trend around my area is Post the Job, Interview Applicants, Hire the least experienced, thereby paying as little as possible, THEN OUTSOURCING to correct the problems the inexperienced has created. Precisely why I have opened my own business and become the one they outsource to. My son and I own an, "On Site Computer Repair Business". We repair, upgrade, give lessons, network offices and homes, troubleshoot software errors, repair printers, and all at your place. Now we don't have the stress of a Big Boss hanging over us and people are incredible kind and thankful when we finish a job instead of being taken for granted. We can also take time off when WE WANT to not when a Company says we can.

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I can identify

by murso In reply to Another View Point!

I am in the same general area of Florida, so this is a reality for me too in addition to my orginal posting.
I cannot count how many botched jobs I have cleaned up in the last 5 years since I started freelancing IT work part time. I rely on WOM and don't advertise my services too broadly to avoid barter deals.

Outsourcing is a huge issue here as well because you will see postings for two week projects to clean up problems. I've literally been back to the same companies time and again who "make do" without a regular tech.

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Vacant Jobs for Months

by spalmo In reply to Lots of IT jobs but vacan ...

I whole-heartedly agree..I have received over 50 email/voice-mail combination of messages stating that they are very interested in my skills for the 'perfect' fit. Then go on interviews and either they take weeks to make a decision and some don't even have enough work, so I asked them, then why are u posting a job description and conducting interviews without enough work and the reply is; they are gearing uo personnel...

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A couple of things to add..

by wayoutinva In reply to Lots of IT jobs but vacan ...

I see all of the responses about the candidates not having enough experience fo the job..well on the other side of the many job advertisements are actually true to the job functions v's
something that HR put together. I have personally been told by "headhunters" and others to apply for positions even though my skill set does not match up across the board with the job description because the job description may not be a true indication of the actual job functions. And how many of you have gone on interviews and fount out after talking to the people who actually do the job that what was "required" most of them have never even done...A little truth in advertising on both sides would greatly help the problem I think.
And where do people get the experience if nobody is willing to hire them in the first place...yes I know..home labs, voluntering etc...but home labs if done right are not cheap..and there are not that many postions open to volunteer for that wont have a ton of other probably better qualified applicants applying for..As for hiring the cheapest guy..the one I love best from a personal perspective..I had applied to a job and was told I was a perfect fit from the IT manager..his only concern was my salary request..I did not get the job..but in a year and a half the postion came open 4 more times...people "usually" ask what the ask because the have the experience to make that salary worthwile..

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getting act together

by mike In reply to Lots of IT jobs but vacan ...

If the company in question is hiring directly, rather than using a recruiting firm, they are just plain disorganized.

If there is a recruiting firm involved, well .... that's another thing. (My recruiter is pretty diligent .... YEAH!!! I finally found one that actually listens and follows up)

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Unrealistic Expectations vs Salary

by rickh9 In reply to Lots of IT jobs but vacan ...

I've personally applied for a position described as 'network administrator' that required a MCSE, programming skills (to assist their developers where and when needed) nix and win systems management skills, Cisco lan,wan,wifi and voip, plus be willing to travel for customer support/systems integration, all for a 200+ node campus facility with only 1 other IT staffer.

This position has been open for over a year and I know of 3 other highly skilled individuals that have applied in the course of that year. All of us are currently employed and meet all of their requirements. None of us were ever called back after the interview.

The person who had the position previously was a 'gung ho' single young guy with little practical experience and was highly skilled in skimming the surface. (I know this because HE interviewed me! and went into great detail about how things should be run) All for ~30k. He burned out and has moved back to Iowa to work on the family farm (no I'm not making that up) He still works on some of the customer integration/support projects, and the rest they outsource locally.

The city that this company is located in, listed and filled a similar position within three weeks. Since I don't live there, by the time I found out about it, it was filled. (dang it all) But the pay was much more reasonable for the job requirements.

Point is, they posted for a network administrator, required senior level experience, but were actually looking for an "entry level person that they could train". (Quote from the IT Manager) But after reading our resumes, called to set up interviews anyway.

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Decision Making has become a team concept.

by dons2 In reply to Lots of IT jobs but vacan ...

As a recruiter I have seen the changes through the years of the hiring process going from the manager who needed the job filled pronto, to the advisors dedicated to covering their own "you know what"
It is the management mentality taking over from the more productive entepreneur mentality, the latter not being afraid to make the neccasary decisions.

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The problem is...

by toms45 In reply to Lots of IT jobs but vacan ...

The hiring managers are looking for that 1 in a million applicant who just might possess all the arcane "requirements" like 15 years experience programming in .NET (Yep, I actually saw that in a posting - how long has .NET been around? Hmmm, makes you wonder don't it!) I have 24 years experience but since I've not written a killer app in .NET I don't know squat. Guess again, hiring mangler! I've learned so many languages and techniques over the years that becoming proficient in another one takes a couple of weeks. Notice nit pickers, I said PROFICIENT, not EXPERT before you jump on me. Anyway, until HR and hiring managers get over this insane quest for the "perfect" candidate, many of us extremely qualified tech types and developers are freelancing and having a ball. As one of my business admin profs said, "When you can't seem to get a job, start your own business." That's exactly what I did. My best wishes to all who've posted here in your search for the right job.

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