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Lots of IT jobs but vacant for MONTHS!

By murso ·
I am just wondering if anyone else has noticed the following trend and why it is happening. Starting around 12/05, I noticed more IT jobs began to open up in my area after the "drop off a sheer cliff" back in '00. Now, companies are begging for IT staff and yet they are taking weeks and months to actually hire people. The jobs are posted and stay posted for as long as 8 months or more.

But why?????????????

There are thousands of highly skilled and talented IT folk in my area, I personally have more work freelance than I can handle and yet companies cannot seem to get off their asses to actually hire someone.
One position I had applied for back in March is STILL up for grabs and it is basic IT stuff. I finally emailed the HR person in frustration just to get a bead on why the position was still open and she said the "interview team" was still gathering itself to start the process after getting hundreds (her words) of qualified applicants.

Anyone got any clues about this trend?

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You are soooo dead on here

by murso In reply to The problem is...

I saw a posting recently that wanted 10+ years of Wifi - ummm hello? 10 what? They also wanted the person to have managed a construction site for 10+ years. And to top it off, they wanted them to have had at least 7 years of Marketing. Yeah, this person exists.

I also agree with you about the languages. I started out with CDML - how arcane is that - but it gave me a basis by which I was able to learn others in a days.

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by emar1000 In reply to You are soooo dead on her ...

10+ years of Wifi
managed a construction site for 10+ years
7 years of Marketing

Sounds to me like they dont know what there own business venture is supposed to be.

But now to be fair...
I am from a family of Electricians and I was one for 20yrs and ran some pretty large jobs (electrical side of course) computers were just a hobby until I decided to get formal schooling and make it a career. So maybe that person does exist. <<< Just kidding. I think its rare to find someone from the construction field get into IT. But although having that electrical exp has helped me land a couple IT jobs.

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It's the same scenario in Mexico...

by lverdinr In reply to Lots of IT jobs but vacan ...

Maybe in Mexico the employment offerts does not stand too long.
When you say "I personally have more work freelance than I can handle..." I belive you because it's the same case in my job!
I must recognize here in my country this scenario generates a grey IT market with a lot of "kiss the dollar and goodbye" guys who has no expertise or quality and earn the big bucks selling tech or support leaving it in the short time.
It is the price or the low assets in the companies? In my case it's the first thing.

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saw the same thing this summer

by mindilator In reply to Lots of IT jobs but vacan ...

i was looking for employment recently and saw the same thing. i saw the same job go back up after i was interviewed and declined. i think my current employer did the same thing before hiring me. the project i'm working on is indeed due very soon. in fact, one of the projects being done (not by me thank god) is the same project i applied for at a different company that is guilty of this pattern.

they posted that they needed it done asap, were looking to hire fast, then took their time to get me an interview, got a reply a few days later, i saw the job go back up, and after i'm hired elsewhere i see that first project i applied for outsourced to the company i now work for. i think it's hilarious. it gets better than that but it would take way too long to explain.

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paradigm shift

by cnieves In reply to Lots of IT jobs but vacan ...

remember the times when companies used to have it departments? management hates it because they are not producing any kind of product they can sell. they only handle information. but oh yes when that server goes down with all the company financials on it, they will sell their soul to satan to get the data back. then the it guy becomes mighty important.

now companies want it help they can call when needed and be gone once the problem is gone. this is what i do everyday. have 35 customers that i drive to when they need help. they do not want to pay it salaries and insurance so instead they buy hours from me and they use them when needed.

the market is flooded with it professionals that have to take temporary jobs at wal mart greeting customers until the next thing happens. the days of the 70k it guy are gone. it is just the way technology goes. i know managers and secretaries that are also in charge of the it problems at their jobs. another sign of the times. people doing multiple jobs. if you can use instant messanger suddenly you are the computer liason person.

it is my experience that americans like variety. everything in 3 styles and 25 different colors. so everytime they are going to recruit they collect thousands of resumes and just browse thru them. if they see someone exceptional but do not like the font on the resume, it gets discarded. the managers do not mind the position is still empty after 8 mmonths, it is not vital to them unless the e mails are not exiting the outbox becasue of smtp problems.

the times have changed and as automatic systems keep on coming out, and programs that write programs keep on showing up on the mainstream, we become less important and hence cheaper. if you can find a job for 50k, just grab it. once your foot is on the door and they get used to have you, you can ask for more since by then you will become super important. specially if you are good. just get your foot on the door. that is the advice. do not sit down waiting for the 70k that may never come. the guys from india come here and start at 40k. then after 2 years they are charging 300 dollars an hour for database work because the database is so cumbersome for the average folk that they must keep him there no matter the cost.

get your foot on the door then make yourself necessary and vital. that is the way to go. it is what the people from india are doing.

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Strong Market for Senior Tech in Minneapolis

by SlappyMcnasty In reply to Lots of IT jobs but vacan ...

The current market in Minneapolis for senior technical people is hot. I am not talking about lead developers, but more along the lines of system architects. There is a definite lack of experienced professionals.
Lead developers are a dime a dozen, intro developers are even cheaper.
If you have the resume and can talk smack about SOA, BPM, Event Based Processing and all the buzzwords, your phone rings off the hook.

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You nailed it

by jmgarvin In reply to Strong Market for Senior ...

Just buzz words now. Find the hot market, buzz word up your resume and send it off.

HR drone typically have NO idea what they are hiring and the hiring manager is never involved.

Gah, what's gone wrong with HR?

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the key is understand how hr & agents are searching

by coffee junky In reply to Strong Market for Senior ...

the key is understand how hr & agents they are searching - they punch in keywords of interest and search using software. create a skills section at the bottom of your resume - with all the buzz words you know, and can do

if anything pops i get e-mail (we have this openning) - did they read my resume to see where I used it - no, how - no, they found a few words, emc, ibm and storage

this is my technology:
AAC, AIFF, AMR, ASF, ASX, ATM, AU, AVI (TYPE 1 & 2), Bluetooth, Cable Modems, Cable Plant, CDA, CMS, DAM, DOLBY, DRM, DS1, DS3, DSL, DVD Codecs, Ethernet, FDDI, Fiber Channel, fractional T & E, Frame Relay, H.264, H.3xx, Hosted Systems, ISDN, JIF, JPEG 2000, LAN, Layer 2, Layer 3, MMS, Modems, MOV, MP3, MPA, MPE, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MPG, MPV, Multi drop, OC-3, On2VP6, PSD, PTT, QCLP, RA, RAM, RM, Routers, RPM, RTMP, RTP, RTSP, Single & MM Fiber, SNMP, SWF, Switches, TCP/IP, Telex, TGA, Token Ring, VOB, VOIP, VPN, WAN, WAV, Wireless LANs (802.11), WMA, WMD, WMV, WVX

still not enough:
Over 15 years of TCP/IP, telenet, FTP, HTTP, UDP, DNS, DHCP, SNMP, iSCSI, VPN, IP Tunneling, layer 2/3 switching, OSPF, BGP, Protocols of: Cisco, IBM, Microsoft and SUN. Implemented E0, E1, E3, voice, ATM, DSL, frame relay, ISDN, Internet Internationally, and understand the particulars of foreign PPTs, / common carriers.

i am a networking infrastructure guy

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All this...and more....

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to the key is understand how ...

in a textbox, white text and borders hidden behind the main resume.

Not visible to the eye but to the text search only. You could have thousands of keywords...

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dice,monster, employers and others want to see it all

by coffee junky In reply to All this...and more....

if you can what any aaditional items an employer wants - add them to your resume before submitting it and leave them on

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