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Love all humans, was it?

By stargazerr ·

This is absolutely disgusting


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Age is always relivent

by jdclyde In reply to When talking about civili ...

when it comes to state sanctioned child molestation.

You CAN judge a society by the way they treat their children.

A savage nation will say anything goes.

Muslim states are savage nations.

The people are intentionally kept uneducated and stupid, because it makes controlling the mindless masses easier.

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Wrong emoicon, completely wrong

by jdclyde In reply to Love all humans, was it?

X-( is the only thing fitting of the scum of the earth that caused the girls to be killed in the fire.

I was disgusted when it happened, and am equally disgusted years later reading about it again.

It is people like this that are directly responsible for the intense HATE that many feel towards Muslims. When the masses don't stand up and publicly execute any scum that would do this, they are just as much a part of the problem and get painted with the same brush stroke.

I am trying to remember who it was that posted last summer about the increases in rape cases in Europe, with the majority of the new cases being commited by muslim men on women not wearing the "proper" clothing, and so were "asking for it".

It does get hard sometimes for me to remember that this isn't all muslims, but I do step back and remind myself that this is a glamorized/notorized section, not the whole.

I wish it were possible to make the punishment fit the crime.

Although, I HAVE sometimes wished I could follow the traditional Islamic method of dealing with an adulterous wife..... :0

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by stargazerr In reply to Wrong emoicon, completely ...

I agree. I was debating whether or not to use it as my signature but force of habit forced me


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SG - look at the dateline. This is old news.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Love all humans, was it?

Thisis over four years old and guess what??? Nothing has changed and nothing will change until civilized nations stop dealing with these people and make them realize that we are in the 21st century, not the 7th of that idiot Mohammed.

Dawg ]:)

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Dawg, you're in big trouble now

by M_a_r_k In reply to SG - look at the dateline ...

You called Muhammed an idiot. I'm sure that's a "crime" that carries the death sentence. At the very least it will cause massive rioting, looting and chants of "Death to America" among the Middle East's 500,000 million unemployed Muslims.

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Yeah Dawg

by stargazerr In reply to SG - look at the dateline ...

I missed the date. My hometown has a separate Muslim community that we avoid going to, if possible. I never knew how they lived untill I actually had to go there one day.

I had a muslim colluegue. Well dressed and educated. He had borrowed my book ... and wasnt returning it ... so i decided to go to his house and get it .. His house was deep in the muslim territory of my town .. so i asked my dad to come along.

He met us at the road corner and took us to his house which was padlocked from outside ..

I just assumed he lives alone.He unlocked it and we went and sat down in his office. After 5 minutes of chatting he asked me if i want to meet his wife .. I was kinda surprised but said yeah sure ..

He led me (alone .. dad stayed at the office since he didnt invite him) across the house .. which was very dark (I tripped twice) to a room at the very end ... which was lighted. His wife was there and his 2 toddler daughters (asleep)

I went in and sat down and started chatting to her ... he left us .. After about 10 minutes another girl in ragged looking clothes showed up ... I wasnt sure how to greet her since i wasnt sure if she is a daughter of the house or a maid. She came and sat down next to me and i started talking to her too. In the next 15 minutes 10-11 more girls showed up. All between 15 and 20 years of age.

Talking to them i realised that they have only studied till 10th (O levels) and have no ambition to study anymore ... they just wanted to get married

Only one girl was interested in studying more. That girl was wearing glasses similar to those of one of the actresses in a very popular bollywood movie. I started teasing her ...

Turns out .. she had never heard of the movie ... in fact they didnt have TV in the house or a radio or stereo of some sort.

I asked her how was Eid (since it had just been). I found out that all they saw was a bit of fireworks through the window. They werent allowed out ...

Meanwhile .. my dad was chatting to my friend ... and was asked if he wants tea. my family doesnt drink tea so he declined. My friend started sulking and apparently thought we thought of him as beneath us or something.

So when he asked for sweets dad said yes. His wife came with the dish of sweets but didnt come in the room .. she kept trying to get her husband's attention till he got up and took the plate from her ..

Same was happening with me ...

The girls told me that they had been waiting for days for me to come ..

They talked like they had known me for years ..

I guess i was their only contact outside that house.

When i went back to the office .. my friend said he will drop us to the car ... we came out ... he padlocked the door again with 15 women inside

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And the big question about you

by jdclyde In reply to Yeah Dawg

is this "person" STILL someone you consider a friend? I really hope you say "no".

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No jd

by stargazerr In reply to And the big question abou ...

After what happened, I realised he was never my friend.

Now I just like to think of him as an aquaintance.

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I do NOT envy you

by jdclyde In reply to No jd

having to live so close to that situation, knowing full well how ugly it could turn on YOU, being an unworth female that has forgotten her place.

Stay safe, and always be aware of your surroundings. You are living in a battle zone.

Yes, people like that take all the fun out of telling ex-wife jokes, because it really is a way of life for scum like that. cockroaches, that need to be exterminated.

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by stargazerr In reply to I do NOT envy you

I am in the UK now, remember?

I have a few muslim friends who come from decent families. People who are normal in every which way. Except of course, that they have at least 5 or six kids, each. :0


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