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Love all humans, was it?

By stargazerr ·

This is absolutely disgusting


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It did turn ugly,

by mjwx In reply to I do NOT envy you

Well in Sydney at least, Racial tensions reached boiling point earlier this year between bogans (lower class white aussies) and Lebanese (Muslims). Riots for a number of days but it did calm down pretty quickly (compared to France). I'm sure Jules knows more than me it's around his neck of the woods.

I think it was only racial not religious. But racism is still ugly.

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I thought there was a religious aspect

by JamesRL In reply to It did turn ugly,

To it, from the interviews I heard.

Some Muslims were offended by the women on the beach dressing immodestly. So don't go fown to the beach.


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by jdclyde In reply to It did turn ugly,

your going to classify that as a religious dispute?

So the Muslims that are behind the greatly increased rate of rapes on women that are "asking for it" based on their dress, have a religious standing for their actions?

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JD, Talk about a logical leap

by JamesRL In reply to It did turn ugly,

You must be a kangaroo today.

The interviews I heard from australians who were there, stated that the reasons the muslims were rioting were because they thought the (non muslim) women were dressed too immodestly, based on their religious principles.

I don't agree that they have any right to dictate to anyone what the dress code should be. And its a pretty fair leap to say that this principle justifies rape in their religion.

Those acceused of the violence and rapes were in lebanese gangs, thugs, who happened to be of the muslim faith. They will use whatever they can in court.

Don't tell me you have never heard of American thugs claiming she asked for it by the way she was dressed. I am sure you didn't buy it then, and you shouldnt buy it now.

By reading wikipedia, I see there was potentially a lot more to the issue than what I heard on the radio. Some lifeguards kicked some muslims off the beach for playing soccer, but were kinda racist about it, this sparked a later attack by muslims on lifeguards and it all escalated.

So I stand by the fact there was a religious element to it. But not all the people demonstrating on either side were the thugs. Are you telling me that because skin heads were protesting on the "white" side that all the white protestors were skin heads?


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Racially motivated to begin with

by mjwx In reply to It did turn ugly,

Then religion was used as an excuse after the fact if I remember correctly. The media loves stuff like that, I find it's a good idea to put the BS goggles on before reading the paper in this day and age.

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Old City...

by onbliss In reply to Yeah Dawg

..I can imagine your reservations in trekking to some parts of the city. I had similar feelings when I had to go through some parts of the Old City in Hyderabad. Felt like it was "another" country.

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Yes, Hyderabad

by stargazerr In reply to Old City...

is the same. I have lived in Muzaffarnagar (my hometown) most of my life but entering the muslim area is like I have just stepped into a new world.

They have Pakistan flags up. They scream and shout for joy when pakistan wins the cricket match. I know it is a free country .. but this is a bit over the limit.


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Idiot ???

by rob mekel In reply to SG - look at the dateline ...

Why on earth would you call Mohammed an idiot, because of what Imams make of today's Islamic rules or what else? It is the same as calling Jesus an idiot because the Pope isn't condemning the use of condoms to prevent STD's. (altho he is changing his mind as he is endorsing the use of condoms to prevent AIDS.)

So maybe there is hope for us all as it took the RC-church more than 2000 year to change .


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Maybe because he was??? It is a little known fact in the West but .........

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Idiot ???

Mohammed may well have been nothing but a tool for others who used him as a front to establish a form of quasi or pseudo religion to gain control over a troblesome region.

It is an establish fact that he was an illiterate rug merchant and the Qu'ran or Koran was a record made of his ravings by others; no two of which are in agreement but does somewhat explain the different interpretations of the Sharia.

Mohammed was also well known for his consumption of hallucinogenic substances such as hashish which was readily available in that area then, as it is today. Consumption of hashish was/is acceptable and at one time was even a part of certain Islamic rituals.

The concept of Mohammed as a front or tool for various interested entities gains some credibility in light of these links and goes far in explaining the disharmony and discord amongst present day followers of Islam. Lack of education, fear and superstition explains much of Islams present day attraction.

There is very good evidence that Mohammed was nothing more than a front or tool for several parties that eventuallly fell out of agreement in how his movement should be exploited. Try reading the Koran. Like the book of Revelations in the Christian bible, it reads much like the writers were tripping on some form of hallucinogenic.

Islam aside from having no central organization to it, is inexplicably attractive to its adherents in a manner which can only be explained by fear, ignorance and superstitions.

Dawg ]:)

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For people who don't prefer....

by onbliss In reply to Maybe because he was??? I ... The website has lots of information on Mo.

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