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Love all humans, was it?

By stargazerr ·

This is absolutely disgusting


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by rob mekel In reply to Maybe because he was??? I ...

Mohammed with Jesus and Islam with Christianity, the same is mostly true.

I know it isn't fair but that is why it is called believe! It just is as what you do believe as what is true that it is to be true.


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Muslims are hypocrites

by M_a_r_k In reply to Love all humans, was it?

They constantly accuse the West of wanting to wipe out Muslims. They are hypocrites. This story about the schoolgirls is a case in point. Another occurred recently in Afghanistan when a man was sentenced to death for converting from Islam to Christianity. Imagine the riots that would occur all over if the Middle East if a western country let a Muslim school burn down. Or if we sentenced someone to death for converting to Islam.

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Didn't they let him go?

by jdclyde In reply to Muslims are hypocrites

While he would be a marked man for the psychos following that "religion", I thought they did cave into presure from all of the CIVILIZED nations?

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It was in news...

by onbliss In reply to Didn't they let him go?

..partly because he had converted to Christianity. It is doubtful if there would have been so much attention, if say, he had converted to any other religion.

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How did it end?

by jdclyde In reply to It was in news...

or has it?

I thought I had heard they were going to let him go?

Too many allies that will be pissed off if someone gets persicuted for the crime of being Catholic. Not even the Cahtolic haters out there would stand for that.

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by onbliss In reply to How did it end?

I read something about him flying to Italy. Can't say for sure if that is what transpired.

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Maybe, onbliss

by M_a_r_k In reply to It was in news...

But don't the Muslims in India hate the Hindis in India? What if a Muslim in India tried to convert to Hinduism?

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Trust and mistrust

by onbliss In reply to Maybe, onbliss

...both exists in the communities. If a Muslim tried to convert to Hinduism, the issue would be in news mostly locally within the community and maybe regionally. In the modern days, when the media is craving for news, maybe it would have caught the national attention.

But I doubt if it would have caught the World-wide attention.

I would not go far as saying that the "common" man would hate any body because of the religion, as long as nobody interfers in their practices and way of life.

ps: By the way the religion is Hindu. Hindi is a language.

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Depends on what community he is from

by stargazerr In reply to Maybe, onbliss

The muslims would be outraged, of course. But then, not all muslims in India think that they should be living in pakistan. Many of them think of themselves as Indians and would not be as opposed to it as the ones who think of themselves as pakistanis.


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Mark a history lesson

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Maybe, onbliss

When the British Empire Ruled India it actually covered both what is now currently known as India & Pakistan. When they where forced to withdraw they drew a line on the Map with one side being called Pakistan for the Muslims and the other side being called India for the predominately Hindu population.

The date was set and people of the wrong faith tried desperately to get to the right side of the line but many failed and once the Date for Liberation came most of those on the wrong side of the line where killed because they where the wrong religion and this happened on both sides so it wasn't just the Muslim's responsible for a massive number of deaths.

That country has never recovered from the forced separation along Religious Lines and now they both have Fission Weapons Scary Thought Hey?


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