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Love all humans, was it?

By stargazerr ·

This is absolutely disgusting


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by stargazerr In reply to Mark a history lesson

the word They seems wierd to me since I am an Indian

Yes, people were killed from both sides while they were moving to the "right" country.

We have been on tenterhooks ever since. Specially over Kashmir. During the partition of India and Pakistan and the 1971 war, pakistan occupied a portion of kashmir they now call Azad(Free) kashmir and we call POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir).

There are small shakeups in kashmir all the time and terrorist infiltration is an everyday issue. Terrorists attacked our parliament 2 years ago. Car Bomb. They blast a bomb in one of the popular Malls in Delhi. There was a huge shootout between police and terrorists in one of the biggest temples (Akshardham).

Sometimes I wonder, if we (India) are a bit too soft and shouldnt really take all this standing down. Maybe do a George Bush ??

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Which is better

by jdclyde In reply to Reading

Defend yourself and remove a known threat, or sit around like sheep waiting to see who the next one of your friends/family will be taken away in a meat wagon?

In whitebread middle america, it really is hard to even imagine what this is like, having never had to face it myself.

But then, I am still amazed in the racism from both blacks and whites in the US today.

I was TRULY shocked when Neil clued us in on the way the French were treating the "Third generation imigratants". Here in America, if you are born here, you are not considered an imigrant and your children definately are not. To see that the cultured French are more racist than most of what is currently going on in the US really was an eye opener for me.

They don't teach you that in US schools. Not politically correct, dont you know?

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jdclyde: Pre-emptive can be righteous

by onbliss In reply to Reading

But when both sides start taking pre-emptive actions, then it just becomes messier.

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I think a GWB is a little extreme

by mjwx In reply to Reading

but if this was my home I'd understand why they were calling for blood. India and Pakistan have already been to war and blood is not an unlimited resource. I think the Indian and Pakistani governments understand this to a degree. And then there is the issue of MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) the are both nuclear armed countries.

In a situation where the civilian population is both the threat and the target to defend it's hard to tell when a good defence turns into a bad offence.

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They DID let him go

by M_a_r_k In reply to Didn't they let him go?

But just the idea that the entire religion first deemed it a death sentence says something about their hypocritical prejudice.

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Entire Religion?

by onbliss In reply to They DID let him go

It is questionable if it is the entire religion. The world has more than a billion muslims, I am sure there are lot of level-headed folks in that religion who do not support such intentions.

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It's in the Koran

by M_a_r_k In reply to Entire Religion?

Or at least some interpret the Koran to say that all infidels (non-Muslims) should be eradicated and anyone who converts to another religion should be put to death. Since the Koran tells Muslims how to do everything from how to pick their nose to how to **** up a bulding, that's why I said the entire religion. It'a amazing that Muslims, Christians and Jews all supposedly have the same God, yet Muslims don't follow the Ten Commandments. I guess God didn't exist until Muhammad flew to heaven on his horse.

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That is one common accusation

by onbliss In reply to It's in the Koran

...that Koran sanctions some of these killings and stupidities. I know some real stupid things have been said in other religious scriptures as well. By stupid, I mean by the standards of the 21st century.
But, have'nt several millions weaned away from some of the distasteful passages in the scriptures?

It is like, the Design document says one thing, but the software behaves differently :-) Do we judge the software based on the Design or based on the current behavior?

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Their mistake is...

by M_a_r_k In reply to That is one common accusa ...

that they take the Koran, a 1500-year old document literally and try to apply it to the 21st century. There are hundreds of things that can easily be taken out of context in the Bible, too, or any literary work that guides a religion or philosophy.

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A different yardstick

by onbliss In reply to Muslims are hypocrites

Yes, there would have been quite a furore if it was caused by a Western nation or Israel. But cultures tend to apply a different yardstick. Many cultures in the world, would tolerate some suffering dished out from within, and react differently when alien (read different/outside) cultures interfer or influence.
Hence, cultures do not see the destruction or changes from within, but are highly cognizant when the change is supported from the outside.

I also believe if we, the World, support the moderates within the Muslim communities to be more forceful and reject the radicalism; it would be easier for us, again the World, to deal with menaces.

When pushed to a corner, some people can accept and change, but there are some that will react violently. Do we want to push 1.2 billion people to the corner? There is good chance that there are some nut-cracks in that kind of population.

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