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Low Battery on a Desktop Machine

By jgutman ·
My client is running Windows Media Center. It is a desktop. Intermittently, a warning icon and ballon will show up in the lower left-hand corner of the screen saying, to the effect, "Caution! Critical low battery! Plug in now to prevent lost work!" (or words to that effect). The only problem, this in NOT a laptop! There ain't no battery! Needless to say, this a bit unnerving for my client. Any ideas??

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Low Battery on a Desktop ...
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by wlbowers In reply to Low Battery on a Desktop ...

Are they using a wireless mouse or keyboard.


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by jgutman In reply to

Yes, both.....with new batteries

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by Another Computer Guy In reply to Low Battery on a Desktop ...

I think bfilmfan had the right idea with regards to the power setting. If the power setting is already set to Home/Office Desk, change it to something else, apply, and reboot. Now go back into your Power settings and return the setting to Home/Office Desk and reboot once again to make sure that the change gets written to the Registry. Of course, I'm not sure this will work, but it seems worth a shot.

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by Bluron In reply to Low Battery on a Desktop ...

on the mother board there is a coin type battery ie like the old writst watchs, about the size of a dime. this keeps power to the static rom while the machine is unplugged. also helps keep time on computers that are unplugged. hope this helps.

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by thabo In reply to Low Battery on a Desktop ...

it's probably the cmos battery backup,which might be flat.

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Share problem might mean shared solution

by BoyBlueSky In reply to Low Battery on a Desktop ...

Excerpt taken from:

This thing happens when you install windows with a option for Portable Computer. Windows then installs the required programs,
so when you are on windows and the program doesn't detects any battery it displays the information/message on low battery.

To remove it in windows xp...
Right Click on MY COMPUTER
Select Manage
Select Device Manager from left pane
Select Batteries in right pane (click on + sign)
Select the battery displayed
Right Click on it
Select Disable
and you are done

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