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Lunch? Who has time for it?

By CaptBilly1Eye ·
The old adage; "There never seems to be enough hours in the day" sometimes feels like the curse that can't be exorcised from IT or Tech Support. With good time management skills, you can increase efficiency and reduce the stress caused by being overloaded. But, no matter how good you are at planning, scheduling and delegating, there are too many times when you feel pulled in too many directions.
The good side of being wanted and valuable may be job security, but the down side is you may find yourself unable to catch a breath and ultimately stressed-out.

I don't know about you, but I find if I don't allow myself to take a pause now and then, my patience erodes Big Time.
I insist that I can take a one hour break mid-day and I take that lunch break outside of the building. I even turn off my phone. That way, no one can interrupt for a perceived emergency. There are others available who can handle things in the interim. This is my way to re-energize, collect thoughts and maintain sanity. ...or maybe I'm just being selfish.

My previous employer would only allow 30 minutes for lunch and made no allowances for any other breaks during the day. As far as they were concerned, when you were on-site, you were on the clock and therefore expected to be producing. ...this even though I was a salaried employee. I have to say, that was one of the major reasons I left that company.

What do you think? Do you take a break during the day? How do you spend it? Is it important? Vital?

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Takes Some Time to Get Used to An Hour

by cupcake In reply to Finally, something we agr ...

Just started at a new company and my new boss insists
that everyone take their full hour. Never been anywhere
where that's happened and at first don't know what to do
with time.

Like CaptBilly, I have found the amazing invigoration of a
power nap! Go out to my car, put on "rain" noise, close my
eyes and 20 minutes later refreshed and ready to take on
the rest of the day. Only about once a week though...
other days, there is studying (learning German at a local
college) and then of course, I am back to back with a
shopping center (can't resist those bargains!).

But the hour break is totally required now... and much

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Learnt my lesson as well..

by Shellbot In reply to Finally, something we agr ...

I hardly ever took lunch..untill 2 years ago. Enjoyed my job, was busier than heck, and well..ate a sambo while I worked..I didn't mind so much though.
Until the day I needed to go at 4pm for a Dr appointment. Emailed my boss, told her I was going early and would see her the next day. Two days later got an email to go see her. She pointed out on my time sheet that I had not docked myself for the hour I had left early. I pointed out that I had been in 20 mins early that day, and as usual had had no lunch break so, I figured it was about even stephen.
Lets just say from that day on I arrived at 9am sharp, took exactly 1 hr lunch, and left at 5pm sharp.
My work output decreased dramatically due to not going in early, not going home late and not working through lunch. The best was when she needed some reports ASAP at 12.55 one day..told her "sorry, I'm on lunch, they won't be done will after 2pm".

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Dumb clock watching managers

by jdclyde In reply to Learnt my lesson as well. ...

They don't realize the double edged sword that the time clock can be.

If you are a **** about the time I come in, I am a **** about the time I leave.

The pathetic ones always see when someone comes in late, but seem to not notice when someone is working late. Funny how that works, huh?

It is mostly the people that have worked their way up from the hourly grind that are the worst for this.

I flex my time so I can make my boys events. If I have to leave two hours early, I will come in an hour early, two days in a row, or stay after a different day.

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Hear ya on dat!

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Dumb clock watching manag ...

My first position outside of the car biz was a tech support J.O.B. at a company that lived and died by time sheet print-outs.

After being there for a year or so, I was called in for a review. At which time I was reprimanded for being 2 to 3 minutes late logging back in on three occasions. No one bothered to check when those 'infractions' occurred and now I was being told that if it happened again, I may be let go. As it turned out, all of them happened at the end of my lunch break. It was common knowledge that I spent my lunches at my desk working on client projects. Occasionally, being wrapped up in them, I lost track of time and punched back in a little late. The fact that I was always 30 to 40 minutes early coming in and typically the last one to leave didn't carry any weight.

Needless to say, that practice of relying solely on reports, hastened my departure to greener pastures. ....and probably influenced by decision to insist on an hour away from my desk uninterrupted.

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When you find out how you are evaluated

by jdclyde In reply to Hear ya on dat!

it is easy to show what they want to see.

What you ran into was a company that allowed a bean counter to run the place. Looks great on paper, for a while. But they they drive the company into the ground and can't understand why.

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What I was surprised to just find out, it might NOT be the law

by jdclyde In reply to In insist on it now

There is nothing in the Federal law giving breaks, so it is a state by state issue.

Many states have no such law, leaving it up to you and the employer to fight it out. I linked to it in my response to jck, but don't have it open anymore.

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I would hate having an hour

by Tink! In reply to In insist on it now

especially if they made me stop everything and eat!

For years now I've eaten lunch at my desk. Years ago when I was younger I often didn't eat lunch at all. I don't take clear breaks or lunches. However, my jobs have allowed me the freedom to take a quick break from work and do other things (like TR :) ) whenever I want. Plus my days are shorter than the average 8-hour+ worker. My longest days are 7.5 hours. (Again, it's the small company flexibility and the unoffical IT dept that makes this possible.) hey what's the punctuation rule for ending a sentence with parentheses?

Therefore I'd be at a loss of what to do during a full 1/2 hour, let alone an hour break! :)

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by NickNielsen In reply to I would hate having an ho ...

Your choice is correct. If the entire sentence is enclosed by parentheses, they also enclose the punctuation. If parentheses only enclose part of a sentence, the punctuation falls outside the parentheses.

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Lunch? Que es, lunch?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Lunch? Who has time for i ...

The things that smack me upside my head when opening the browser to TR!

I work mostly from home (my Web-based teaching job). My best daily break is to the garden. Some weeding, or sitting at the patio table with the binoculars watching the birds and the butterflies. And keeping an eye on the &%*#!@ next door yard nazi neighbor. Or that evening glass of wine on the porch as the storms roll through (actually the coolest).

My other jobs? No break. My newest? I'm already pulling my hair out. When I get home, guess what? To the patio.

Throughout the evening, and into the wee hours, while grading, or writing tests, I pop in and out of TR. (Whoda guessed.) Relieves the frustration of going over and over and over and over... the same mistake/s from the same students no matter how much time and instruction I have given them.

Breaks are vital. They allow a bit of time through the often frustrating day to just 'chill' for a few.

Life is short, and to spend it in frustration over job cr@p is a waste of it.


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OK... I'll admit it <ht>

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Lunch? Que es, lunch?

I created this post for you, Boxie. 'Cause lately there haven't been that many decent topics and TR's #1 poster has been reduced to little more than monitoring spammers, bumping the three Tigger threads, and policing Friday Nite Music. :-)

& Yes! You are right! Life IS too short.
<font size=2 color=AliceBlue>Sorry I didn't participate in Friday Nite Music this time around. I will next time, I promise!</font>

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