M400 doesn't accept my built-in HDD password at boot

By kamadan ·
First I assigned a 9 character long BIOS password via the Security Assist utility of my new Toshiba Portege M400 (M400-139) with Windows XP Tablet Edition. It asked me if I also want to use the same password "repeated" to cover the 22 or so (I don't remember) characters long HDD password, and I said ok.

Then, I removed the BIOS password. But couldn't remove the HDD password. Then I created another password which was 1 character long, and removed it, but the HDD password remained.

When I rebooted the system, it asked me the "Built-in HDD Password". I tried entering both the 9 and 1 character long passwords but it says "Not certified".

What should I do? Should I write tha password over and over again until it reaches 22 or so characters long? If it is the problem, then, how many characters long? I also think that the keyboard layout mapping may be a problem. I never changed the layout but maybe the factory default is different from the windows one. But I only used numbers and international standart letters.

I need immediate help. All my work is halted.

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HDD's unbootable without password recognition

by kamadan In reply to Sounds like it could be a ...

There's no way of booting HDD with a recovery CD.

It is a new PC with no unique files on it. The only thing to lose is the HDD itself. Oh, and the time I spent configuring, updating, etc..

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If you'd care to Peermail me, I've got a few hours to kill...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to HDD's unbootable without ...

Email the passwords, in the order you entered them, along with which password was for what.

I've got nothing better to do for the next few days until I finally get my sodding stitches out.

It might be a laugh (for me I mean)!

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Get well soon!..

by kamadan In reply to If you'd care to Peermail ...

Thank you so much!.. And I hope you get well soon...

I'm writing a mail right now.

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Toshiba Corp phone number

by Sue T In reply to M400 doesn't accept my bu ...

I had to contact them once and used the phone number that came with my laptop. It was in one of the few printed papers you still get when you buy a computer. They were very helpful and did not redirect me to my local repair shop. Also, have you tried contacting the store you bought it at? They may know the answer or be able to get it for you.

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They don't know...

by kamadan In reply to Toshiba Corp phone number

Oh! Do you still have that number?

No one in this country -including the technicians in the Toshiba service headquarters- knows the answer. They don't know how Security Assist handles and rearranges passwords.

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Have you tried

by Tig2 In reply to They don't know...

Doing a Google search for either a location in Turkey or a Customer Services line? I was able to find for the United States but I don't know that will help you much.

Start with the Toshiba home page.

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US technics may know better...

by kamadan In reply to Have you tried

No one in Turkey knows anything about this.

I can call US tecnic for help. Or if there is a contact email addres for technics which someone may suggest, I'll try that.

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It appears

by Tig2 In reply to US technics may know bett ...

That is the direct link to the Toshiba support center online. It appears that they have a chat capability so may be able to help you through that channel.

Good Luck!

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There's nothing there...

by kamadan In reply to It appears

Thank you but I already tried that page. There's nothing.

About the online chat channel, at first I also thought that it was an online chat service. But it's just a name for a knowledge database, which contains nothing about such details.

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by Tig2 In reply to There's nothing there...

I was trying. Perhaps Old Mycroft will find the correct answer.

Best of luck!

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