mac can't read .mov files?

By cpowers15 ·
I have a black macbook and a 27" iMac and a video camera that shoots to .MOV files. I had been able to view the movie files on both computers as well as edit them in iMovie. After a software update from Apple I was unable to view the files any more. I can hear the audio, but the screen is black.

I reformatted the macbook and restored leopard (was running snow leopard) and could view the files. When I installed the necessary software updates and iLife I could no longer view the files.

Kicker: I can view the .MOV files on a PC. I can convert them from .MOV to .MOV (yes, I said that right) on said PC then view them just fine on the macs. Does anyone have any suggestions to view the files? Apple insisted it was my camera, but that is obviously not it.

Thank you for any suggestions! (Also, I can upload the .MOV clips to youtube from the mac and youtube will play them, but I can't play them on the mac)

Thanks again!

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by TobiF In reply to almost there

avi and mov are just file formats, which may contain different ways to encode video and/or sound.

Step 1.
Shoot a short sample movie. One second is enough.

Step 2a.
Have someone with the vlc player installed check what codecs are used natively in your camera.

Step 2b.
Find out what codecs your favorite software already supports.

Step 3.
See if a suitable codec (or import filter) can be found for your favourite software.

Otherwise, try to find a convenient way to convert. (If you have good internet speed, there are even free online services that may help you)

EditAdd: You can download vlc for mac, to at least watch your films directly. (And check codec details)

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codecs are .exe

by cpowers15 In reply to Again...

which are not read by macs so unfortunately codecs don't really help... And I can view them, just not edit them.

And there are no firmware updates or anything for my camera that I have found as of late DXG 566V

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A bit more information

by TobiF In reply to codecs are .exe

I searched for your camera type on Google and quickly found a sample video made with such a device.

On my pc, it opened well in vlc and I got both video and sound.

But the useful part is the codec-information:
H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10)(avc1)
Resolution 1280x720
29.97 fps

MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)
Sampling 48 khz

So now we know what we get from the camcorder.

Next, I visited apple's page about imovie.
Here it's a bit harder to grasp the full situation, but it seems that different versions of mpeg4 have been added lately to imovie. Do you have the latest version?

Further, some video programs support plug-ins to deal with new codec formats. This is, of course, both convenient and dangerous. (It's popular trick to have the "codec exe file not only install a codec plugin, but also add some malware to your system.)

It seems you're right that imovie doesn't have any framwork for "import filters", so if the latest version still can't handle your films, then you need to find a converter program. Look for conversion into mpeg2, since that format seems to be well supported by imovie.

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perian and latest version

by cpowers15 In reply to A bit more information

I believe Perian is similar to installing video codecs, and I have that installed with the latest version, and I have the latest version of iMovie, making sure both of those were up to date were high on my list.

I'll give the mpeg2 format a shot! Thanks for the suggestion. It just seems weird that apple software wont accept a quicktime file (.MOV) that my camera shoots in... especially when it has worked in the past and I can convert it on a PC then use it. Weird

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by TobiF In reply to perian and latest version

Sony is probably too busy enabling support for Sony cameras :)

EditAdd: Oops. This was apple... :) Do they make cameras?

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Quicktime update?

by oldbaritone In reply to mac can't read .mov files ...

Are you running the latest Quicktime? There was an update recently.

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