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MacBook hacker exploited a zero-day bug in QuickTime

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
The vulnerability, which is related to how QuickTime handles Java, could also expose Windows users.

What do you think about Apple's decision to decline to comment about
this MacBook hack? Do you think this hack damages the reputation of
Mac security?

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Mac Security?

by AndrewB In reply to MacBook hacker exploited ...

What gives Macs great secuirity is their relative obscurity.

Apple has been playing Russian Roulette... they were bound to get hit.

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New Commercial Idea

by IT Dept_MBSSI In reply to Mac Security?

Okay, I have an idea for a new Mac commercial.

"Hi. I'm a Mac."

Then a guy with a day-glo green mohawk jumps out and blows a tranq dart into the back of Mac's neck. Mac passes out. Two guys in suits run out and throw a white sheet over him in an attempt to make cover him up and make him blend in with the standard white background.

"What vulnerability? We didn't see any vulnerability."

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Only a matter of time

by mhbowman In reply to Mac Security?

before this would happen. Hackers want exposure. They go after the PC and Windows because they represent more than 95% of the market.

Want to test the security of your product or website? Have a contest or tell people that your product or site is unhackable.

All that needs to happen for Apple to experience this is to gain market share or keep running their mouth.


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Ok, I have a stupid question

by DanLM In reply to MacBook hacker exploited ...

Mac runs as its base OS FreeBSD. Why don't I see security bulleton's on FreeBSD for every exploit found on Mac? I understand that this exploit was through a brouser, but. ?????

Like I said, stupid question.


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Steve Jobs May Be the Problem

by dgr814vr In reply to MacBook hacker exploited ...

After reading a well researched bio of Jobs and Apple, It became quite apparent that Jobs's desire of first to market often ment testing was not done properly. In This case is it possible that a lot of Security testing does not happen at all

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Good point re. first to market

by juden In reply to Steve Jobs May Be the Pro ...

Good point. However, isn't this probably true of most
developers/manufacturers call me cynical but I think that the
buying public often get used to test products.

Not completely obviously but I suppose there is always a
balancing act between testing/developing and going to

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Getting to market

by Freebird54 In reply to Good point re. first to m ...

This has been - and will continue to be a problem for every product. One of the best/most obvious examples of this over the years has the automotive sector (unfortunately with GM leading the way, but not alone). It had gotten to the point where 'conventional wisdom' suggested that you 'never buy the first year of a new model'.

Things have improved a LOT over the last number of years in that area - due mainly to robust competition. The testing performed now on a new model is exhaustive. Even with this, recalls are hardly going away any time soon.

So - the only way to improvement of this situation is robust competition, and perfection is NOT attainable. That said - things ARE improving - especially in the speed of fixes.

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Apple Getting Sheepish?

by pcbradshaw In reply to MacBook hacker exploited ...

Considering the way Apple is handling the press on this w/ "No comment" should be something to be exposed by Michael Moore. Makes one really wonder how many holes really are there but aren't exploited due to nothing of real importance is handled by Apples...except pie.

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Great Joy

by sdonnelly In reply to MacBook hacker exploited ...

It brings me great joy to hear of Mac flaws for those who think the OS is ironclad. As one of the previous posts stated as they gain more market share the target will only get bigger, and I'm sure the same will be said for the flaws found.

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When is the world going to get it??

by KeithAu001 In reply to MacBook hacker exploited ...

For gods sake, when is the world going to get it??? ALL software is vulnerable to an attack. NOTHING is safe for exploits, attacks etc. As long as there are questionable people out there that want to play havoc in the cyber / IT / software / computer world its going to be a problem for all software producers and APPLE /MAC are just as vulnerable as any other. So Maccies get off your high horse.

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