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Maccer's or Dowzer's? Time's Up?

By Stanno ·
Consider this, as both a 'Maccer' (Apple user) and 'Dowzer' (Windows user) rightly, or wrongly (depending on taste of course, i have both conventions adorning my oh so average network 'mantle') - am i conforming to the Commercially Correct in which, i , as an average user of technology choose to run 'untested' applications, download my partner's favorite band from a Torrent, or feebly attempt to integrate hardware hacks into my humble home because that is what is expected? Am i really being forward-thinking, because i use a Mac (with Firefox and mods of course)?.

My bafflement is this my friends - of which, i am peer-forced to learn, nay, embrace for fear that i am left in the dark ages...

For those that have languished, or progressed, in the junior/senior/executive echelons of the IT industry for a number of years, or for those just popping their respective cherries on the helpdesks/admin roles - are we missing a revolution? Do we really understand where the industry is going (growing) beyond the corporate confines?

A few clicks on the 'oh so ergonomic (White) mouse' confirms my fears that, i, as an IT Exec, am far removed from where any potential employees, or customers might be looking when it comes down to revolutionary flag waving for new innovations - in a technological sense of course?

I'm not old for God's sake (35 - is that old? Maybe i'm FUBAR'd?), and i know pretty much enough for anyone in the industry - i still give 'snippets' of info to Google and Apple - apparently useful?!

Hours of searching, hours of remembering new innovations through glasses of Pinot Noir (Hic), cannot prepare me, you, us for what resides round the corner - whether i be an Accountant, a Leader, a Technician, a trouble-shooter - will i be replaced by a much younger model - a model who understands the Hacks and the the Phreaks, the true value of SOA approaches, Google Apps and Open Source etc,. - devoid, and unblemished by P & L sheets - the confines of Excel?

One thing is for sure, i see our time is finite - i'm not sad, for whether a 'Maccer' or 'Dowzer', the journey will be a cul-de-sac?.Us Brother's in Arms, we fight for them all...

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