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Major innovations that have changed history

By Surflover ·
Bricks... Just so everyone will understand I'm not just talking about "high tech" innovations, I though a good place to start would be bricks.

They (and dressed stone) were the fundamental material which allowed the creation of large public structures... The Mayans built incredibly intricate palaces and roads, the Egyptians built the great pyramids (which BTW, we can't reproduce either the Mayan roads or the Pyramids to those tolerances with our current technology)... bricks were the key issue that cause the Hebrews to revolt from the Pharoh in Egypt... the Romans used bricks and stone to build roads and aqueducts which allowed them to conquer most of the known world at the time... which in turn spread a common language to the peoples who were conquered (Koine Greek)... which in turn provided a vehicle for the spread of Christianity...

And eventually, with the advent of the F4 Phantom in the 1960's, we proved that with enough power, even a brick can fly :^O

What innovations do you feel are significant?

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Gee ITGirli you get it easy

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Well actually the funding ...

My mother calls me far worse than any of those things and means it as well. It doesn't matter that she's now 76 and keeps telling me that she's booked herself into a nursing home.

She's just got her Letters from Trinity College so she can now officially Teach Speech & Drama and is constantly insisting that I address her properly and when I say she should be calling me Dr she just laughs and says something about bringing me into this world so she can treat me as she likes.

But I still get called over there at any hour to change a toner in her new photocopier as she hasn't managed to master that one yet. With the last photocopier she could empty the new toner into the copier but was unable to remove the empty bottle so I had to go over there and remove it every time that she was doing something for the Local Speech & Drama Teachers Association. While I haven't pulled this stunt with the new copier I used to say that I now had grounds for having her put away and I could get my house back while she was locked away in a nursing home drugged to the eyeballs so she didn't create any trouble. After all she only had that photocopier for 5 years and it was exactly the same as the previous one as far as refilling the toner which she had for 5 -6 years and she couldn't remember how to remove the empty bottle. It really looked funny seeing the copier working its little heart out with an empty toner bottle stuck on the top right hand side. :^O

I haven't rubbished her about the new one as she broke it on the very first time that she used it and I put the old one back into service as she had only run through 200 odd copies out of several thousand. But I did get a good laugh last time she ran out of Black Toner she followed the destructions by opening the cover then opening the Toner cover and then she tried to pull the drum which is in a totally different part of the machine, but I suppose it's under the same cover. That is the main one and the only one that she can open. It will be interesting when it eventually runs out of staples as she currently insists that she knows exactly how to replace the empties but can not even remember that they are in the finisher and she constantly opens the photocopier to show me where she needs to put the staples.

Col ]:)

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I think she plagiarized that thesis

by M_a_r_k In reply to Nice post Girlie, but I t ...

Sounds like it came directly from the encyclopedia.

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only a few parts.

by ITgirli In reply to I think she plagiarized t ...

I edited it and added my own comments.

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D*mn, She IS

by Surflover In reply to I think she plagiarized t ...

a walking encyclopedia :-)

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More evidence that ITgirli is the perfect woman

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Nice post Girlie, but I t ...

She is interested in such esoteric stuff.

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Thanks, but

by ITgirli In reply to More evidence that ITgirl ...

I'm something, but I don't think it's "perfect".

Thanks though, it's nice to feel special, well.. the good kind of special.

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The short bus kind of special is how I feel typically

by jmgarvin In reply to Thanks, but
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The Wheel, Fire and the Written Word

by jdmercha In reply to Major innovations that ha ...

Without which, you wouldn't have many of these other innovations.

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by ITgirli In reply to The Wheel, Fire and the W ...

My personal favorite......The printing press!

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Your printing press

by M_a_r_k In reply to and......

Is that b/c you read so much?

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