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Major innovations that have changed history

By Surflover ·
Bricks... Just so everyone will understand I'm not just talking about "high tech" innovations, I though a good place to start would be bricks.

They (and dressed stone) were the fundamental material which allowed the creation of large public structures... The Mayans built incredibly intricate palaces and roads, the Egyptians built the great pyramids (which BTW, we can't reproduce either the Mayan roads or the Pyramids to those tolerances with our current technology)... bricks were the key issue that cause the Hebrews to revolt from the Pharoh in Egypt... the Romans used bricks and stone to build roads and aqueducts which allowed them to conquer most of the known world at the time... which in turn spread a common language to the peoples who were conquered (Koine Greek)... which in turn provided a vehicle for the spread of Christianity...

And eventually, with the advent of the F4 Phantom in the 1960's, we proved that with enough power, even a brick can fly :^O

What innovations do you feel are significant?

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The Internet

by M_a_r_k In reply to Major innovations that ha ...

If ol' Al Gore hadn't invented the Internet, we wouldn't be having this scintillating, thought-provoking discussion.

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by Surflover In reply to The Internet

I was one of the SW engineers writing communications drivers for Arpanet in the late 70s and early 80s...

I NEVER heard of Al Gore until he was VP or something with Bill somebody or other who made beer in Arkasas and liked praying (kneeling ?) women or something like that :^O

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by Bob in Calgary In reply to M_a_r_k

I installed the BBN stuff in the UK in the early to mid eighties. I'm pretty sure The C10's and C30's were the same as used in Arpanet.

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Yes they were

by Surflover In reply to Cool

Nothing like being an old fart, eh? :^O

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Well in that case

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The Internet

Is it too late to take out a contract on Al? :^O

If he had not of invented the Internet I wouldn't be getting piles of Spam each and every day. I also wouldn't be getting deluged with false e-mails asking for my user name and password so that they could empty my bank accounts or sell items on my E-Bay account that do not exist and try to give me a bad name.

But then again there wouldn't be hackers out there who keep me employed with constant security updates.

Col ]:)

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What everyone is forgetting is the drive behind these inventions...

by Mickster269 In reply to Major innovations that ha ...

Was the ability to distill /refine caffine from various sources. Be it tea leaves, cocoa beans, or coffee beans.

Without the abilty to fuel the bodies for late night brainstorming sessions, how many of the inventions listed would have been thought of? I would venture to say most of the inventors would have just bagged it at sunset, and gone to bed.

Also, the invention of Pizza must be given it's due in history.

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Stimulants and relaxants

by jardinier In reply to What everyone is forgetti ...

Every society of which I am aware, from the most primitive to the present day, has used both stimulants and relaxants.

I will now horrify any non-smokers who may be eavesdropping by saying that nicotine is known to be a brain stimulant. I have smoked on and off during my life. During my last period of smoking, whenever some keyword like "God" or other thought provoking term crept into a discussion, I would automatically reach for a cigarette because I knew this would enable me to focus my mind better.

When I used to write songs (haven't written any for 10 years) I would need to be in a mood of elation for the initial inspiration. To keep my mind at that creative level I used to eat chocolate.

Peppermint cream dark chocolate was the best for that purpose.

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BS Jules

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Stimulants and relaxants

It has to be Swiss Chocolate that just melts in your mouth and you can eat heaps of it without any adverse side effects.

So I'm addicted to Allen's Oddfellows and Swiss Chocolate the smokes i can take or leave but without my Peppermints and chocolate I couldn't continue working. :)

Col ]:)

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Alas, as a poor, struggling undiscovered artist

by jardinier In reply to Stimulants and relaxants

I could not afford the luxury of Swiss chocolates.

I had to make do with whatever was on special at the supermarket.

BTW, I have recently discovered Lindt with a high Cocoa content.

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by CorTech In reply to Major innovations that ha ...

Need I say more?? ]:)

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