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Social Media Marketing

By moreldavid95 ·
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I'm starting with my company. And I'm about to establish a profitable social media strategy. So I have a few questions to ask:

How do I choose the right platforms to work on?
What are the ingredients of a good social media strategy?

To make an informed decision, I visited a site: (link removed by moderator). I found some pretty clear information and advice, but there's still something that remains unclear to me. So I think a topic like this one on a forum could help me understand it completely.

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Social Media Marketing

by Sarmad Mehmood In reply to Social Media Marketing

You are create your business accounts on the Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. These accounts are help you to rank your website and ranked your business. In my opinion Facebook and Instagram is the most best platforms to increase your business.

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Choose right platform for your brand

by instapostlikes In reply to Social Media Marketing

According to me, Facebook is the right platform for you, because it has billions of users in the world. Facebook gives instantly organic traffic to your brand.

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Basic steps of social media marketing

by HenryLynn In reply to Social Media Marketing

1. Analysis
2. Strategy development
3. Program and communication design
4. Pretesting
5. Implementation
6. Evaluation and feedback

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The main effective ways

by lifex10 In reply to Social Media Marketing

1) In order to choose the most suitable platform for promotion, it is important to study the main competitors. To find out the main sources of traffic, you can use the free features of the tool

2) The main way to promote on social networks is a high-quality content strategy and viral content. To analyze the content of competitors In social networks, you can use, some of the functionality in it is free, perhaps this will be enough for you.

At the initial stage, in addition to high-quality viral content, it is important to enhance it with advertising. To do this, you can use the advertising opportunities of the social network, as well as agree on collaboration with communities close to the topic.

I really hope it will be useful!

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Social Media Marketing

by susan2015parker In reply to Social Media Marketing

Choosing the right platform depends on your product type. You need to figure out the platform on which most of your target audience hangouts most of the time. For instance, if your product is a clothing brand, Facebook and Instagram are good options to execute your social media marketing strategy.

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Social Media Marketing

by susan2015parker In reply to Social Media Marketing

To get better insights about social media marketing, you can go for some amazing blogs such a Neil Patel's blog. You can also take help from the videos.

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Suggestion for social Media Platform

by womgolivia In reply to Social Media Marketing

The best Social media platform for your new company is face book. Because per day 1.85 billion user are active on face book. You can make community and discussion your business regarding . So that is benefit for your business. So you should work on face book. Everybody Use the face book for own business.

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Social sites

by jaceytome In reply to Social Media Marketing

for social media marketing you need best social sites like facebook, insta, linkdin and pinterest.

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Social Media Marketing

by seoteam247 In reply to Social Media Marketing

Hi connection, Hope you all are doing well, I had a good experience with Social Media Marketing and shared it to help you grow your organization.

There are several platforms available organic or paid on social platforms. So, which one you have affordable on your company and both platforms to grow your business.


SEO methods help businesses to get their website rank for potential keywords without spending money on search engine advertisements and bringing the most valuable traffic. It’s called ‘organic’, ‘free’, ‘natural’ results. There are so many optimization methods, activities that should be done to make sure your website is search engine friendly and ranking for targeted keywords. People trust organic results more than paid results. Having your website listed for the right keywords brings potential traffic to your website.


The advantages of paid marketing: Increased exposure, Increased traffic, provided marketplace insight, Developed loyal fans, generated leads, improved search rankings, grown business partnerships, reduced marketing expenses, improved sales, and many more. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, Bing Ads, and many more.

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