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Mambo and the End of the innocence

By jdclyde ·
There once was a time, when in our folds was an innocent one named Mambo. This innocent one was not even aware of simple concepts such as the "assisted masterbation" about the time he first became noticable around the water-cooler.

Since then, it has become a favorite pastime of the ever so lovely and ever so babish GG to try to convert this innocent youth and achieve a wonderful red hue over his part of the globe.

The young man has stood the tests of time, and like Sir Lancelot seemed to be of sterling character and courage. Did he indeed lay with the "queen", soiling his heart of gold?

What could have ever turned this noble young knight to the dark side?

Enquiring minds want to know!

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He's not that bad

by DMambo In reply to Actually

Maybe we should give obmaMD a break. Who knows, he may be #1 in site activity soon, or voted King Geek, and if so, we don't want to be on his bad side.

Judging from his user name, the guy must be a doctor. He's probably a brain surgeon. Those highly intelligent types are often a little clumsy socially, so his actions toward GG are excusable. Based on his posts, I kind of like this guy. He's OK!

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by gadgetgirl In reply to He's not that bad

What was that?

That was DMambo hitting the bottom of my estimation.

From charging to my defence to joining forces.


And I was just about to pm you and thank you for being a gentleman. Well, that draft email just got trashed.


Right then.


thoughthewasnice, wasagent, blusheslovely, nowthis....blinkin'men...<mutter>


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GG, are you serious?

by DMambo In reply to ***BOOOOOOOM***

Take a minute and see if you notice anything about obmaMD's userID. I think you have it all backwards (DE)

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Not "ok"

by jdclyde In reply to He's not that bad

That is how a drunken SLOB would hit on a **** in the bars, NOT how a working professional is to talk to MY GG. X-(

And it is one thing to get in a playful discussion with sex as a topic, but to just keep "hey baby, pay attention to me" is just rude and crude.

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by rob mekel In reply to Not "ok"

look to the gotcha thread :)

GG is perfect capable of giving .... to the insulting person. (hehehehe )


@life is too short to not enjoy it

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by gadgetgirl In reply to You disgusting pig!!

yes, I'd realised.

I also realised if I ignored you, some of the more gentlemanly peers would either defend, or do as I did - ignore.

I knew if I ignored long enough, something would happen, and it did.....

but dammit, DM, did you have to go and ruin an off topic thread like that quite so quickly???

(incidentally, the MD bit was a bit of a giveaway)

Gotcha, DangerMouse!

(Now, why couldn't Neil have done something like that so I could REALLY get revenge for him standing me up......!)


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OK, I'm an idiot

by DMambo In reply to Gotcha!

Still friends??

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of course

by gadgetgirl In reply to OK, I'm an idiot

of course we're still friends, sweetheart!

I can't be without my Sir Losttheplot, I mean Lancelot, can I?



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It's Gallahad

by DMambo In reply to of course

or GalAhead or something. The chaste one!

And I still think that obmaMD is quite a wordsmith. I'll bet he did pique your interest with his natural charm.

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my o my

by rob mekel In reply to of course

How sticky can you get. But good to know some of use don't forget one another.


Life is to short to not enjoy it

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