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Man, today sure feels like a Monday......

By jdclyde ·
Here it is, Jan 2nd (Friday), but it sure feels like a Monday after having the last few daze off.

Now, before you feel to sorry for me, I will be going home at noon because the place is a grave yard! There are only three other people here today, and two are leaving anytime now. I have a few projects that need cleaning up after, so I decided I would hang around a bit longer than they are.

How is everyone else's year starting?

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I can go thru a large bag of beans in a week.

by OnTheRopes In reply to Either you drink a he// o ...

Is that too much coffee? Is there such a thing as too much coffee? I'm not seeing white spots/flashes before my eyes so I don't think I'm overdoing it.

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by Jaqui In reply to I went through all of my ...

My heavily used travel mug holds an entire 10 cup store pot of coffee.
and it only costs me $1.42 CDN to fill it at the local 7-11 ]:)

good for about 4 hours if I'm a bit busy, otherwise, 2 hours and it's all gone.
8 hours and any coffee in it is finally cold.

one day = 10 of those full of coffee. :)

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Years ago, I cut back to one cup a day

by jdclyde In reply to ha!

So I bought a 32oz mug.

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small cup huh.

by Jaqui In reply to Years ago, I cut back to ...

mine is an 80 oz cup :)

10 of them a day. :)

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It's no wonder you're so thin.

by OnTheRopes In reply to Years ago, I cut back to ...

Drinking that much coffee seems like it'd make you feel full.

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Now that's some serious coffee drinking there.

by OnTheRopes In reply to ha!

Mine is much stronger than store bought coffee, I bet twice as strong but still, you are putting away some coffee.

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by Shellbot In reply to Now that's some serious c ...

Coffee is p!ss weak over there..
When I was over in October I almost died of caffeine withdrawal.
After 2 days of drinking whatever i was given as coffee, i went and ordered a small black coffee with 2 shots of expresso.. after drinking half of it, went and asked for 2 more shots into it.. next time i got smart, just ordered 6 expresso's in 1 cup.. the braindead chick on the counter says to me "thats going to be a bit strong.." I replied "if its not I'm not going to pay for it.."
Even the expresso was weak oevr there
Cost me a fortune to get something string enough to drink.
Tim hortons is a bit stronger than most, but it still needs a couple expresso#'s chucked in

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Got a pot in my office

I had a pot in my office. Wouldn't have to step across the hall to use the communal facilities...

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Picked one up when they were on sale

by jdclyde In reply to Wish

Actually got an electric perk. I like it. To many of the drips, the hot plate gets to hot and scorches the coffee after a while.

Before I bought this, I would make my coffee at home and bring it in to work in a 2quart thermos.

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